The Tactics of Trading Gold & Silver.

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This video teaches you how to safely trade gold and silver! Also explaining why people do this and what to look out for!

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Steve L says:

I have a question if I trade not sell silver for gold would the be taxable

zariyas collectables says:

And I keep constitutional silver for emergency sale purpose rest I keep forever

zariyas collectables says:

I always go to a coin shop cause they teach me all the tricks to not get fake stuff.

CelestriumMusic says:

More damn good advice thanks!

OcOmegaShadow Stacking says:

Wow really awesome video!!! 😀

brian cliff says:

And slayer makes another one!!!

Haynes Robert says:

When the spot price is high enough on 10 oz bars and some 1 oz coins, I'm willing trade get some more ASE for more appreciation.

Micheline Burgett says:

I will always buy only $1.U.S.Eagle , Maple leaves and U.S. Constitutionalls as Junk Silver coins . That is it .

Micheline Burgett says:

What is ratio between gold and silver right now ?

Micheline Burgett says:

It is the same gain for Canadian Maple leaves and $1.00 U.S.Eagle Silver .I checked up this afternoon . it is like $ 0.47 per coin .

Geoff mcarthy says:

A chinaman pays 120.80 of his money for one oz of silver … we pay 17.50 or something … dang

Barbara Mackey says:

I would never trade on line.

kmathisen81 says:

I've never traded because the ratio is too high to trade for gold and no-one has offered me a silver trade that I'd be interested in. I have no intention of selling anytime soon unless I'm in a dire emergency. With spot price where it is right now it looks like I'm just gonna have to freeze my stack right now and resume buying when spot comes down. Another great video Slayer

Leeroy Kincaid says:

Hang on..l gotta take out the trash…that song triggered my move…

The Prince says:

Patience use the force

Coach Alpha Elite says:

Yo should I buy paper or physical silver? Just getting started

silver fan21 says:

silver slayer rocks!!

silver fan21 says:

I love Panda's and my ASE's but right now im stacking more constitutional silver morgans and the peace dollars.

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