The Trading Blog 008 – Weekend Gaps

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Forex Trading Blog looking at weekend Gaps in the Forex Market.

Akil Stokes
Currency Analyst & Trading Coach


Ca Jo Mc says:

Hi Akil, is it true that Gaps tend to close up MOST of the time?

Jas Singh says:

Keep on voting for akil guys, his leading the way, but lets keep him there.
Thanks for all the advice over the years akil, you make a lot of difference to many of our trading

Moaied Suhail says:

hello Akil, I would love to vote for you, just if you give me the link. didnt see it in the end of the video or under some how sorry

Moaied Suhail says:

hello Akil, I would love to vote for you, just if you give me the link. didnt see it in the end of the video or under some how sorry

Marcelo Uhlig says:

Gaps can occur between the front teeth too. How to trade those?

N B says:

Hi Akil …. I just voted for you! Also want to say thanks for all the free and honest FX training and updates you put out each week …hope you win trainer of the year 2017.

wassim Oualali says:

Hé Akil, could you please make a video about the NZD/USD. I see a good cypher opportunity however I'm not sure about it. it appears by the way on the 1D timeframe. Would be cool if you can help me out!

Damian Schelling says:

Voted for you!!
You really deserve for your amazing job here on Youtube, tradingview and tradeempowered!

shiner1888 says:

Great blogs and info keep it up, vote done ;-)

King of Kings and Lord of Lords says:

This is why trading patterns like Gartley,Bat,Cypher… is so dangerous and illogical. You are buying and selling according to fib levels even though by all other parameters you shouldnt be buying/selling. These patterns do not capture the flow and the psychology behind the market. For example; Buying/selling on the 78.6% Gartley; Why would the market buy/sell at that level except for the fact that it's a 78.6% retracement and the completion of a Gartley? There is no reason. That is not how the market movers and billionaire traders trade. Those are not the patterns they look for on their charts, and that is why these patterns fail so dramatically and one can not build a good sized account trading them. My opinion, not bashing Akil, he is a great teacher.

Tianyun Zhang says:

A heartbroken die hard cowboy fan here as well…this team never fails to disappoint you year after year…

Solomon Spydro says:

Sucks about the gapping, I've voted!

Francious Martincich says:

Thanks for the Share Akil..

Richard Banks says:

Hi Akil … been following you, Jason at TradeEmpowered for a number of months.  I  spreadbet and have done for a couple years now and  gotta say your vids have helped very much, I've considered for sometime a course or joining the liveroom but unfortunately I need a kick up the behind to get started….Keep the great vids coming Akil 🙂 already voted for you!

wissam physics says:

hey akil i bet you said it right last time, now you can blame the blog for the unlucky start of 2017 (haha) ,, i hope you will make it this week cuz the market is too slow and boring ,, my vote for you good luck.

Hector Crespo says:

You got my vote!

Chris Nichols says:

Thanks Akil another great video, I'll head over and vote for you !!!

aGsD says:

Congratulation Akil. You deserve it Brother. Love all you videos.

bakelokey100 says:

I have a question again haha, I am learning about the advanced patterns at the moment and digging deeper into the Gartley pattern now when taking targets I was thinking, when taking a single target at the 61.8 fib is it logical to move stops to breakeven after a candle closes/hits above the 38.2 fib? Because when taking multiple targets at the 38.2 and 61.8 fib it is a thing that most traders do. Oh and you got my vote btw!

Mark Anthony Mallorca says:

Voted too!

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