The Trump Stock Market Crash

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Dr. Mark Weisbrot, Center for Economic and Policy Research (C.E.P.R.)/Just Foreign Policy/FAILED: What the “Experts” Got Wrong about the Global Economy, joins Thom. With his calls for massive tax cuts on the rich – you’d expect Donald Trump to make fast friends with America’s financial elites. But it turns out that the banksters on Wall Street might be the biggest obstacle standing between him and the White House

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jack phillips says:

More unintended consequences of a centrally planned economy run by a Communist Central Banking Dictatorship. Financial Engineering and Keynesian Economic policies of the FED have destroyed the middle class through asset inflation and manipulation. The phony over valued stock market needs to crash. We need Free Markets to set interest rates and let deflation happen where ever necessary. The status quo is unsustainable.

klaxix none says:

The Trump Brand … will dive after the election … of course he will lose ! .. and file more bankruptcies !!! Thank god for normal people who aren't brainwashed by RT propaganda !!!

Lawrence Boudreaux says:

rt this reporter is smart, but he s the only one without honest credibility. trump getting blame for stock market , a crooked fixed fake phoney n false stock market, thats the problem . get rid of this guy.

Brian Stones says:

The problem isn't that trump will cause a crash, the problem is that Obama and the fed are artificially bloating stocks through interest rates and free money.

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