The Truth About Penny Stocks

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What you’ll see in the below video is an annual tradition that my brother-in-laws and myself have been doing the past few years. This year however I wanted to turn it into a very valid penny stock analogy.

Simply put, the next time you think about a penny stock as an “investment”, I want you to remember this video analogy.

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DuckOnQuackMC says:

Well Siri used to be a Penny stock??

Thomas Quinn says:

But Clay,  Im surprised your not all over Pennies.   All the Pump and Dumps are so very predictable!  Volume rises like mad the few days before… then emails go out… then BAM.    In and out within minutes or an hour or so.    The poor guys that dont understand this get there xmas trees burned.

MClick12B says:

clay trader go home your drunk

lokalonez11 says:

Disagreed. there have been many very good stocks that started off in Pennyland. TO say that ALL pennies are worthless is just a selfish and lazy comment. I've made my millions from a combination of shorting, short hold and long holds on Pennies and stocks under $2. If you do your DD and believe in what you research a lot of times you will not be disappointed. Pennies aren't guaranteed but what in life is and when has making money(especially on the stock market) been guaranteed? This is the stock market, you can lose everything in one day and become a multi millionaire in on day. It all depends on you and your choices and what the action of the market is at the time. If you find companies with shady CEO's( which you find in a lot of Pennies) you'll always get the same result from those pumpers. Find a great product with great revenues, future projections and an all-star corporate structure you'll be fine as long as you keep your eyes on the stock. Thing about pennies is if you are going to hold it long, you still have to watch it everyday! It ain't easy but if you want the money, pennies have the most explosive gains. Play it right! Happy New Year.


"Don't drink the Kool-Aid!" Hahaha

Tim van Steen says:


I know that the real penny stocks are a unprofitable investment, but the stocks from 50 cent, 1 dollar, or more, aren't that bad, are they?


MrPeobsi says:

What about a stock like ECIG? maintained at this price due to convertible notes from past aquisitions.. Grossly undervalued if dilution ends this month.. 

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