The TV Show I’m On Thursday & 2 Lesson Tuesday

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How great is this photo of Steve Harvey & I? He was also kind enough to bring on 2 of my top students so tune in Thursday 3-4pm EST on NBC…also learn from my many, many mistakes today


LivingLife says:

I like your transparency. It holds true with many businesses and unfortunately government systems. Personally, I'm learning more into FOREX trading myself but I do appreciate your insight into your stock trading portfolio. Great video, was looking for more in regards to seeing your interview with Harvey but I'll have to wait for the full video to be released.

PS. Ever read the book E Myth? It might help with your balance issue with your teaching/trading dilemma.

Your reference to mistakes is highly reinforced in the "Medici Effect" based off of the renaissance period. Its a Harvard publishing and I think you'd really love to read it.

legendary1231000 says:

How much would you start with in your porfolio i have saved up $400 so far but is there a specific amount

Gerardus Pino says:

That huge Tim, congrats.

Charioteer4Real says:

Hi, Tim. Saw you on the show today. You did a great job. So motivational and smart. I'm very proud of you! Keep up the good work. I'm one of your students and have learned so much these past few months. Thanks for all you do.

Deposition2nd says:

Hey Tim, i am wanting to buy the How to make millions Dvd but was wondering if i could use a Prepaid Visa card to make the purchase instead of a credit card. Hope to hear back from you soon!

Kirby Coe says:

Great vid

david massey says:

+Timothy Sykes i signed up for your intro package for the challenge. Now i get emails from an Alex Sure. Is this part of your team?

Jake Weatherhead says:

Hi Tim, what trading platform software do you use in your videos? Also, are you planning to become a billionaire one day?

Jeffry Winders says:

Tim, I am just starting my trading journey and have no problem sharing my trades for transparency, but costs more money than I am making with my trades, is there anywhere I can share for free?

Gnome Chomsky says:

"Corporate Hold"… maybe the shares were reserved? This happens does it not?

Grant Brady says:

How can I get access to that trading platform?

Emilienne Choisuil says:

why you don't short contracts winner?

Daniel Murillo says:

its getting back down aftermarket

Daniel Murillo says:

i should bought argo this morning when it was 6%

Daniel Murillo says:

i should bought argo this morning when it was 6%

Peter W says:

I feel so proud, getting called out for a good trade on your vid. I wish I had held ENOC for longer but the morning spike scared me so I covered my shorts quickly. Missed the SGOC spike which I usually like buying because I was focused on my ENOC position.

Here in my garage says:

how much money can you trade penny stocks with?

Robert Jirousek says:

It was a would have, could have, should have for me on $SGOC. I amost shorted a 1000 shares at $6.75 (the plan) It never reached that level, so I started getting skeptical, as I watched it run away from a good entry. Can't shake the anger off today :D

Kris Danielson says:

What's the maximum you can trade with , with penny stocks ?

Lukas Fröhlich says:

thanks..But this trade didn´t happened only because of myself, but because you crossed my life for a complete turn two years ago.
can´t thank you anough for sharing your lifework.

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