The ULTIMATE ESO Trading guide | BEST Money in game!

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This guide is designed to teach you in how to buy and sell items to make insane money through trading – I advise you to watch all sections, but if you choose to, watch specific sections only. All are listed below!

Char ID: @Blobsky – Message if you want an invite to trade!

Intro: 0:00 – 2:44
Buying Technique: 2:45 – 5:04
Trader locations: 5:05 – 7:34
Faster Movers + Console 7:35 – 10:00
Low-Budgets: 10:01 – 10:24
Raw Materials: 10:25 – 12:40
BEWARE!! – 10:41 – 12:12
‘Market Change’ and clear Bargains – 13:12 – 13:45
‘Market Control – 13:45 – 14:26
‘Invisible Markets’ – 14:27 – 16:30
Sales Technique – 16:31 – 22:42
Final Warnings – 22:43 – 24:14


VaDRitoX says:

Can I join your guild?

D Slayer says:

To be a millionaire in eso first reach Champion point 160 second get in a good guild third go farm normal sanctom 4th get all dropped items 5th go check their prices 6th go sell them

TheBlueBoxTBB says:

Is your trading guild still taking in members? @xTreeze

davepottage says:

I was a (very good) station trader in Eve Online and this reminds me of that…with a few important exceptions: The guild store interface (even with addons) is terrible. Also, the averages/mean/spread (donchian channel) values…where is the addon getting these from? Does it take data (and how, for that matter?) from ALL markets everywhere? I just can't grasp how such a terrible marketing system can have the back-end API/DB architecture to catalog all this data.

Anyway, great guide, on the whole. Apparently it works, seeing as you have obviously hard capped your gold. I just dont get how this is possible with such an absolute rubbish back-end and clunky graphical integration in general – with regard to the entire guild store mechanic.

Quinzi says:

This is a good guide but the sound is to low cant hear alot of things with everything max volume

Sinister says:

Hey Blobsky is your trading guild still accepting members? if so could I get an invite @Sin19

Malaki nunerley says:

Yo blobs this guide has helped me a lot. I bought some lvl 34 lich gloves for 800 gold and sold them for 100k. Lol

Kause Panic says:

Anyone able to add CausePanic to a few trading/selling clans on ps4 north american?

Francisco Terrazas says:

U suk ass

Michael Harvey says:

Can I join ur trading guild please?

impactofredemption says:

Could someone please explain why MM doesn't show a lot of data like it does for people who post videos about it? I get 1 or two data points on 1 or two items I don't understand why. It says it's holding data for like 20K+ sales, is that what it should be or should it be like 1million?

David Mills says:

Great advice, but you've got to really know what sells; esp. in your own guild and area.

Mr Right says:

I just wanted to thank you for this guide. I made over 850,000 following this guide. it is very doable in about a week.

wkmowels says:

awesome guide thanks!

hamza uddin says:

no heres the best tactic xD:
Find out what they need , monopolise and execute exploits. Watch wolf of wallstreet xD

FoxTrot Eso says:

You earned a sub!

Vault says:

Lmao people see the money and mats and lose their fucking minds. Immediately start accusations of cheating. You can't help poor people, they help themselves. Better to not show them what you have because the jealousy starts showing through. (Even if they say they aren't jealous)

Crap and Friends says:

can u inv. me in ur guild?

maydrock says:

I perused the discussion below, so sorry if I missed this.

Exactly how does a guild manipulate the individual? I thought taxes set were guild wide, they can set the tax on a specific individual?

adil says:

Could someone help me with this on PS4 my PSN is: Mvkoh-

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