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In this video Matt, talks about the most complete 2021 tutorial for trading options. Options are a wonderful thing if you know how to trade them right, so in this video Matt breaks down what options are, what each aspect of options mean, and shows us an in-depth tutorial on how to trade them. Options have insane potential, both with making money and making passive income. In this video he’s going to break it down so you can do what he does! Stay tuned!!

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NW Piper says:

This must be the best options video on YouTube change my mind 💎💎💎💎🚀🚀🚀🚀

Talya L says:

Best content on this one thank you!

Ryan Lua says:

Hi matt could you do 1 video on selling options guide thx!

Steezy says:

Awesome video, I have the hardest time choosing the perfect option and this helped a ton.

One thing though at 11:40 that confused me. I believe you have the “>” backwards, if you’re saying that theta should be less than 10%!

Diyi Boston says:

Matt. Do you have paid membership so we can trade with you during trading days Mon through Frid, or at least get the option picks.

Andrew Raissis says:

Dangerous advice.

EmanMeh says:

this was SOOOOOO helpful holy sh.. THANK YOU❤️

pelletubbies says:

I like that you're open about losses, your thought process, and why you pull out your funds when you do. That's true trading to me. you don't win every time. I wish I listened to you with Mara. Paying yourself is crucial too. Good luck to you!

W J says:

Matt, need help understanding something with option price changing. This morning, bought a put on OCGN. Later, the stock reversed and continued another big green day. At the end up the day, I'm actually up on my put. How is this possible? OCGN rocketed north, how did my put value increase?

Rj says:

Super smart guy..listen to what he says.

R Are says:

If you take $100,000 profit, how many percentage of tax do you have to pay on it? Please tell. Thanks.

leroyboy18 says:

Matt, I disagree with some of this. You CAN make money on a sideways moving stock by selling iron condors and butterflies. The trick is finding the right stock for the right strategy. There are strategies for any movement. Yes, they may not give you the 10% a week that you get excited for, but they are GREAT to have on your toolbelt.

Nate Light says:

Dude train me please I can pay . I'm not rich but I can pay.
I know the basics.
You're the most honest real not liying Ass dude I've found so far.
Please take me on your venture I can help because I can understand this stuff quickly but need a good mentor.
I'm 31 with 2 kids and own a small business .

Diana Shepherd says:

This is some great info! Thanks for sharing!

Ricky Garza says:

Listen to this man! He is on point!🚀

Dale G says:

Matt your really good brother

Dan jonJaik says:

Yeah but u get burned heavily in weekly call if the stock goes down

Patrick Malloy says:

I cant stop looking at the green screen affecting your shirt

Eric Nelson says:

Thanks for the great info Matt! Wanted to ask you: you mentioned that you can’t make money selling options on sideways-moving stocks. What are your thoughts on Iron Butterflies? I’ve specifically used KO to sell fly’s because it’s so stable moving sideways, and it’s been great. I know the money to be made isn’t as much, with less volatility, but still seems like a good way to go if you trust the stock’s stability. Thanks!

Christopher Martin says:

I love this channel….but $99 a month for Bread alerts seems ridiculously expensive. I do love capitalism so if people are willing to pay that god bless ya.

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