The Upcoming Stock Market Collapse Of 2020

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Lets address the talk about an upcoming stock market collapse, and the best ways to invest in 2020 moving forward – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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During a time where our money is volatile, people are out of work, stuck at home, and looking at other ways to build back their income – many people turning to the stock market as a way to do so…and, inevitably, that’s likely to lead to problems later on down the line, if – and when – things don’t turn out as expected.

We have one type of investor who’s sitting on the sidelines, holding out, and patient waiting for everything to begin crumbling down, and for the stock market to FINALLY reflect what’s happening in our economy.

BUT…when it comes to all of this, here’s the one thing that always needs to be remembered: The Stock Market is NOT our economy.
Even though stock prices CAN be influenced by the unemployment rate, strength of businesses, and how confident investors are in the future…it doesn’t mean the two will necessarily match one another, and what happens with stocks…versus what happens with our economy…can be two TOTALLY separate things.

This type of thinking also reminds me of the saying: “The Market Can Remain Irrational Longer Than You Can Remain Solvent”
This means that – as much as you believe something SHOULD happen…like, we SHOULD see the stock market go back down – the market can, and WILL, outlast you and your money.

But now, let’s talk about that second type of investor – the ones who’s optimistically plowing themselves back into the market right now, because things HAVE to go back up to where there were before, right? And the faster the market moves up…the quicker they have to jump in, before they miss the gravy train.

And THIS is actually where I’m the most concerned, because – given the recent, new wave of popularity towards finance and investments, combined with the EASE of now investing from your phone, in fractional shares, with as little as $1…I’m worried that there’s an unrealistic expectation where, once something goes down – it HAS to go back up. And I just think, that type of mentality is going to set a LOT of new investors up for massive failure if they either see their investments drop in price – or, if things take longer to recover than they initially anticipated.

JUST because we’ve seen a massive drop, DOESN’T MEAN we can’t see another drop – and, it doesn’t mean we can’t trade sideways for quite some time, while your money just sits there doing nothing. So, given that…I think it’s really important to set an expectation UPFRONT – that, anytime you invest, you should invest knowing that NO ONE knows what’s going to happen, EVERYONE loves to guess and predict about things they have no control over, and the BEST guidance is just to BUY, and HOLD as long as you can knowing that, if you’ve diversified enough – you should see a positive return, long term.

Real talk, everyone…that’s the only investment advice I really, truly stand by – because there’s just NO WAY anyone can try to predict what’s going to happen over the next 1-3 years.

But, quick side note here…in terms of making money and beating the market…what’s even more surprising…and this is so perfect to prove that markets are totally irrational… is that a study was JUST released…which found the best way to pick a WINNING STOCK…is to find one with a cool ticker symbol 😉

Referenced: Reddit user named jerschneid analyzed the last 40 years of the SP500 and simulated 3 investing styles:

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itseddieleung says:

Amazing video!

Priyam D says:

When real estate agents start giving stock market advice, it is a good time to SELL. Regards,

Paul Godina says:

Normie vid 😅

Timothy Schuman says:


Frosty Clutch says:


Buy & Hold works only sometimes with e.g. growth stocks, and depending on the company it's often a false "hope," a speculation, and that's not a plan to increase your capital base. Again, for mega growth stocks the Buy & Hold strategy works, especially if someone doesn't need their money and can wait for years to let their money grow. Still, those who want to make money in the stock market, must act opportunistically and increase their capital base virtually daily.
Even if someone where to increase their capital base by only 1% profit a day, that already works much better than Buy & Hold for some "imaginary" future gain. Best of it, e.g. a momentum trader can sleep well at night as he knows his capital base is increasing daily.
We also need to get rid of the notion that investing is a side hustle or a hobby anyone can be successful at, because it's not (other than in a strong bull market). Investing and trading is a professional activity and after proper education/training, it takes all the concentration, effort and energy like any other top-notch profession requires. People, don't base you strategy on "hope" and "maybe" and playing the waiting game other than in very strong growth stocks. If someone wants to make real money in the stock market, then be opportunistic and trade the daily momentum in this or that stock/ETF, etc., carve our your profits as you secure/take your profits frequently and enjoy your life with the satisfaction each you've earned your money the old fashion way: by hard work trusting God to bless your efforts. BTW, we've been at this for over 40 years (30 years professionally) and it's truly awesome to do this, very rewarding.

razvan radu says:

you cannot predict, but you can implement systems in order to reduce the risks. also market is really reactive to covid news. it s a good moment to gamle a small amount

DE Media Sound says:

Dollar cost average. Provides time to assess.

Adriana Hernandez says:

Hahaha “stable job “

Wolf of Dubai Stocks Investing Channel says:

Most important thing:

Is to not get scared out of stocks

Psycho Rooks says:

Chasing the R0 for an ROI…

Lil Chav says:

Hey Graham, react to Biaheza

Adriana Hernandez says:

I thought it was crazy you were talking about this because I was thinking about buying but then again it is a relevant topic so I’m glad you talked about it

the perpe says:

Thank god for pewdiepie or i wouldnt have found this channel. I dont even know why i find this interesting i have no money to even invest xD

Neilas Urbo says:

Perfect video explaining how to become a bagholder lol

David Crawford says:

I really enjoy watching your videos and I watch them with my 11 year old son who is also passionate about investing and Tesla. Which brings me to my question. Can you try to explain Elon Musks reasoning behind saying the Tesla stock is overpriced in his opinion yesterday. The only thing that comes to my mind is stock price manipulation so that he or someone else could buy in when it is low again or to prove a point to the SEC or to other peers. Could you make a video explaining your thoughts on this?

Dwayne Cofer says:

You should keep saying "stimulate the like button"

Steven Chua says:

Total stock capitalization is usd37t as of dec 2019 and fed has ability to own or buy at higher or influence the stock price they like to own…. in short fed do not need to sell these stocks back cuz they actually do not have anyone to pay to anytime.. They create money anyway

Graveyard Enterprise says:

The best place to ever invest your money. Is…..Yourself. Learn a new language. Take a class. Start a business. Nothing you put money into will ever give you the return you want if you arent motivated to put it to work.

hanValen says:

tbh this video makes me feel good about having money in YOLO lol

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