The Upcoming Stock Market CRASH Of 2020 – Get Ready NOW [S&P 500 Technical Analysis Today]

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S&P 500 technical analysis for Sunday and Monday 14th September 2020. Should you expect another stock market crash and collapse in 2020 before the elections? History says no but investor sentiment and psychology will decide and clues in the economic data point to a very difficult next 6 to 12 months in all countries

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Stock Market News 2020

This is a stock market forecast for 2020 today using technical analysis of the US stock market, in particular snp 500, for 2020. I analyse the broad market and give potential scenarios for the future of the stock market. I discuss whether a US further stock market crash in 2020 is likely. Will it be a correction or a full stock market crash? I use long term charts and the market cycle theory template to illustrate potential outcomes. I also use Fibonacci retracements to indicate targets for the next economic recession.

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Sajad says:

Let me know what you think below! Will we melt up before the US elections or will most of the long positioned traders get caught out?

serena x. says:

Any other bears in here loading up on TLT and IEF?

Tomy Boyle says:

Democrats run the world and they absolutely will not allow the stock market to be up come vote casting time. Hopefully I'm just a conspiracy nut case but a crash is coming

Smith Hall says:

Stocks is sweet especially when you have an expert trader to advise

curtiss ross,sr says:

OSTK to 120… I am loading up with 200 shares

TheMAC0876 says:

AAPL will bounce to possible $122- $127 then it goes down to $99. If it only goes to $122 then look out below, we will see $99 in a week. I see the same thing for the SPX with $3470 a possible high and $3200-$3000 as the lows.

Danny Michell says:

You've been wrong since April when the market bounced and you were calling for a double crash. At what point are you going to realise your analysis is utter bullshit lol?

Ryan Burkard says:

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Liz Adey says:

Won’t crash until after the US election

Real Eyes says:

I was really hopeful of my investments this year, but all my plans has been disoriented, I've been studying the market crashes and I realized some investors made millions from the recent 2008 recession and I was wondering if such success rate could be achieved in this present market.

Web Cityx says:

You can't compare US numbers with JAPAN. US numbers are FAKE!

Xubo Gedes says:

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Dandy Finance says:

Interesting to check on the Apple moves, thanks for sharing!

Lady Elvina's live gigs says:

hey Sajad, welcome back! We missed you! Looking forward for that Oil video

Dave Online says:

Love the new thumbnails Sajad look similar to Kyle Chasse's channel I follow in blockchain space, looks fab!

Bob Ariss II says:

Markets topped in early September in 5 of the last seven election years.Watch out.

Sattar Sidqi says:

I recently quit forex and ventured fully in stock trading though with the help of my broker. I have made very nice returns from my trades with Mr Ryan

Mrs Mary says:

Glad to they did a successful transfer to my blockchain address today this awesome guys get yours now

Donato Iorio says:

Great work as usual. Well appreciated. I still am a firm believer that we've just completed a WXY inside of a larger B wave. I believe the market is still bullish and will remain so as long as the Fed keeps confirming that it has the market's back. However that doesn't mean we won't see a continued move downwards. The S&P is correcting on rotation. Some larger investors are selling tech to buy into other sectors, ie; financials, industrials etc., on the expectation of an economy returning to normal within a year.
As tech is the largest sector in the S&P, it has the largest impact on the S&P's value and thus it should continue to fall albeit at a slow pace and because of its slow pace it will draw in dip buyers who missed the rally from the 2193 bottom. Everyone expects a vaccine sometime soon but even if it delays in coming the market will stay bullish as it is falling, again because the Fed has its back economic recovery expectations.
Caveat: The biggest misconception out there is that the stock market and main street are disconnected.They are not!
The consumer is main street. The largest group employing consumers is small business. The question investors should be asking themselves is, "How much longer can the small businesses survive?". The Fed is lending them money and not giving it to them.
There is a new normal in development. Large businesses are moving jobs away from city centers to homes. All the small businesses in city cores may very well have to declare bankruptcy in the next six months. Unemployment risks rising again. The transition from selling from a brick and mortar establishment to online by a mom and pop shop will take time. Their employees (consumers) will be losing their jobs.
The million dollar question that remains to be answered is will the next government continue issuing treasuries to help the unemployed and if so, will the Fed continue to print money and inflate its balance sheet by buying most of these treasuries. As long as the market believes that both offices will continue with what they have done since the spring then the C wave will be limited to about 61.8% of B. But should the market lose confidence in the notion of 'continuity' by both offices all hell will break loose. We will witness massive unemployment, falling housing and bankruptcies galore. The market bottom wherever it is at the time of lost confidence will collapse in a sudden fashion to well below 2193. Look for a change in the Put/Call Ratio as the first sign of lost of confidence should it happen. In the meantime expect the S&P to correct only in a downward fashion on rotation as the market is still a firm believer in money printing. As for what will happen with the next government and the Fed your guess is as good as mine.

TraderJohnnyT says:

Futures up big on Tik Tok news, Fed FOMC on Wed. Should be bullish for this week, for now at least

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