The Verdict on the Bitcoin Fork

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DataDash says:

Thank you all for the kind feedback on my views of the fork 🙂 I'm glad the general community sees eye to eye on this drastic issue!

But for those criticizing my speaking, I've got to get real for a second. I produce both content for this channel and my the startup that I work for. I probably speak 10x as much as the average individual does on a day to day basis due to these explainer-styled videos.

It gets tiring as hell to speak that much. Don't get me wrong, I love every minute I spend making content for you all. But it's unavoidable to make these "noises" you're referring to, it's humanly impossible with how much I'm talking, not to mention, for 20 minutes without a break or a sip of water. And constantly bringing it up in every video isn't going to make it go away. So either get used to it, or please, step out the door and leave. I produce a ton of free content and ask for nothing in return. The last thing I need is speech coaching.

Nate Hull says:

Don't smack your mouth so much

Eduardo Rodriguez says:

NEO, OMG, PAY are even lower, you can say a couple of hours in a up trend a win. most of that are even lower than before.

Crypto Krypto says:

…..and we basically have 1000 Ethereum forks.

TwoSmooth Coney says:

which Japanese exchange is trading Bitcoin Gold at the moment?

Oscar Alberto Caselles Alvarez says:

First down to earth video …. Couldnt agree more, and that's coming from a 4 month crypto adopter.

Sanoj Allen says:

If you want to get in the game you can make like a little over 100$ a month of bitcoin without doing anythibng. Its the best one i've found. Basically free coins…

aditya isfahani says:

Greed dev makes btc imploded..

Eat Sleep Crypto says:

Thanks for taking the charge and highlighting why Bitcoin Gold is so bad for crypto. I've personally had to waste many hours explaining to a bunch of crypto noobs why they dont have to worry about what Bitcoin Gold is all about . Sigh. SO much collective time wasted on these goddamned forks. Thanks for doing your part DataDash, I will keep doing mine as much as I can as well!!

Kevin Arango says:
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Hey guys!
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Bitcoin Star Mining says:

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John GT says:

Your a smart kid. I really hate this Fork. Demolishing indeed

Darcy Cardinal says:

And more Bitcoin forks are on the way.

AlbertsMedia says:

@DataDash Remember we've only had 2 forks so far and thats why they are on our radar. There will be many many more forks and we will all just learn ignore them after we see how they have no actual value. It will have no affect on genuine bitcoin, it does not divide bitcoin it just makes it stronger through contrast.

plof123 says:

Great video, I totally agree dude!

IWH NFL says:

wait till they release Bitcoin Silver next week.

Herb Palmer Jr says:

the fork, the fork, the fork….

buriedtoodeep says:

software-profit-fork = spork

Troy Devata says:

hmm, anti BTG but pro Coinbase (banksters). probably pro Segwit 2X which is a bankster ploy to take down Bitcoin! Wake up y'all!!! He's got some good tips but he is not totally about decentralization and money freedom for the people, obviously. He is smart enough to know this too.

Sinist3rX says:

hahahahhaha lmaooo at almost taking bitconnects name!

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