The Volatility of the Gold Market, Explained | WSJ

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The price of gold is going haywire, driving a frenzy of investment that’s calling into question the metal’s reputation as a safe-haven during times of economic uncertainty. WSJ Explains. Illustration: Liz Ornitz/WSJ

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j bloggs says:

This is the rubbish you expect from an establishment organ. The truth is that fiat money has been "printed" into oblivion and people are diving into gold and bitcoin to preserve their wealth. All fiat currencies are doomed! This is the reason both are being manipulated downwards, but this game will not last much longer, not past 2020 I think. The manipulation will die together with the virus hoax and the novichok hoaxes against Russia.

Johnny K says:

I notice when gold is doing well its labelled as being volatile (and thus dangerous to invest in). But when the DOW drops 800 points its just a minor correction and is still a perfectly safe investment. Gold is always attacked because it is a bet against central banks and the banker boys what the sheep in their game and in over valued stocks. If you invest in Gold, invest in physical not ETFs or other paper derivatives, because that's all they are… highly leveraged worthless paper

Hunter Yeee says:

More inflation more gold now

jackgoldman1 says:

Gold is the ONLY item central banks hold as money. Central bank holds no other asset other than gold to back currency. Get it?

Jeremiah Lim says:

Ripple Partners With 37 Universities Across 15 Countries via Crypto Research Initiative
Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) is adding three more names to its list of partner institutions.

In a blog post, the company says it is teaming up with the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich, Ryerson University, and the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM). The addition of four institutions brings the total number of UBRI partnerships to 37 universities.

According to Ripple, UBRI is supporting the University of Zurich’s Center for Sustainable Digital Finance which would conduct research on the digitization of financial services in partnership with multiple stakeholders including regulators, businesses, financial companies, and consumers among others.

Meanwhile, UBRI’s joint effort with ETH Zurich aims to unlock the potential of blockchain in Switzerland.

“ETH Zurich, meanwhile, is researching information security and cryptography, as well as new concepts and systems for payments… UBRI also provides technical support for the university’s efforts to integrate secure, multi-party computation techniques into blockchain protocols and model smart contracts. Many of these activities take place in collaboration with the Zurich Information Security & Privacy Center (ZISC).”

In Canada, UBRI is working with Ryerson University’s Cybersecurity Research Lab (CRL) to develop a payment feature for Mosaïque – a digital wallet specialized in the real estate industry. CRL director Atefeh Mashatan says he sees the collaboration as an opportunity to fast track the development of the project.

“We see our partnership with UBRI as an opportunity to leverage Ripple’s expertise in blockchain innovation to build a token-based payment rail for Mosaïque.”
Meanwhile, in Mexico, UBRI and ITAM will develop new courses to put students in a better position to meet the country’s increasing demand for digital services as Ripple anticipates that the use of blockchain in Mexico will continue to grow in the coming years.

Ripple’s UBRI is part of the startup’s social impact program: Ripple for Good.

The initiative has allocated $100 million toward supporting institutions that are accelerating and expanding global financial inclusion.
Keep watch on xrp in binance futures…

KHSimages dotcom says:

Try finding an investor worth billions who doesn't think it's worth having gold in your investment portfolio. Don't worry, I'll wait…

aucourant says:

Gold isn't volatile. The trading on gold can become volatile if traders see it as a way of making quick money. But, as currencies around the world are devalued by over-printing, gold will hold firm in the long run and continue to be the stable hedge it has been for centuries.

Krishnapriya Visakh says:

Is it gold price increases

Andra Lakshmi Narayana says:

F**k the fundamentals & technicals. Who created all these, why should traders follow? If you have money take how however you want. All technicals are created to make traders loss.

Night shade says:

I gave u thumbs down cause u make me laugh when u said Federal reserve has most gold? 😂
U mean like fortknox? 🤣

rohan rautela says:

Another interesting option to invest is through gold mines royalty as you stand to get 5x of original investment in gold.

Mike Myer says:

Yea ,like I'm gonna get honesty from wall street journal ,haha

Neuro Pulse says:

Now, what's a central bank doing with all that gold? I thought reserve notes were money. Actions speak louder than words.

Riley Seaburg says:

It's not volitile.

Keep buying

Joe Foster says:

I buy gold, I cast rings, wearing my 24 karat golden ring!

James Davies says:

Gold has historically done much worse than the s&p 500, along with inflation gold is a terrible investment long or short term. Buy Bitcoin

Lauwer says:

buy real gold

Uddipan Mondal says:

China wrong map

Thomas de Konink says:

I think gold is a nice hedge against printing trillions ans trillions by centrale banks all over the world. Is it not wise to allocatie a small percentage of a portfolio into gold, just to spread the risk?

Thomas Forester says:

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