The Week Ahead: An Imminent Stock Market Crash Or Buying Opportunity? By Gregory Mannarino

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Dave Campion says:

Let me put this in a perspective, your wright!

Marty Loso says:

0:00 looks like the opening credits of a 90s sitcom

shashakeeleh says:

Thanks Gregory. GS big disappointment in earnings today. Please give us an update on your thoughts.

Dale Lawrence says:

I need to buy a set of bagpipes for memorial day. I got my income tax return a few days ago which was enough but I put it all into gold miners instead. I figured why not let Janet Yellen buy my pipes for me (the least she could do). So I guess we will see if this market is going up or if miners are going up. FYI I think the top was set March 1. Which is not to say we wont see Dow 10 billion someday, but at that point the Dow won't buy a dozen eggs.

Daniel O'Brien says:

the plunge protection team must allow it

endtimenews says:

jsnip4 says he is NOT buying $18.50+ silver (knowing the price point is too high), but he wants you to buy $18.50+ silver:

Playonstereo says:

BOJ will easy its monetary policy, so it should increease USD/JPY
Moreover, inflation rate are falling in EU
So, it's not good news for gold and silver

John Boutakis says:

Why would you invest in a way way overpriced, manipulated and rigged market for, they are geeting all the suckers into the market and once they have, they will CRASH it like there is no tomorrow, especially when we all know that Cash will become worthless, the best investments to make are Physical Gold, Silver, Bitcoins and Real Estate before they begin hyper inflating all paper currencies, eventually deeming them all worthless.
Get paid in Gold and Bitcoins like I do folks.

gerald esparza says:

Bix says trade some of your gold for silver. 70 to 1. Time to Invest! Thank you Gregory. Peace

ranger1000 says:

by imminent meaning like 2 weeks? or 5-7 years?

Lu Hoffma says:

saw the movie The Big Short

John Leonard says:

I got it. What goes up, must come down

Huy Nguyen says:

I still believe that we might have 1 more rally until major turning point of the market. There are still people who were missing the Trump rally. They will step in to buy dip 1 more time. So we have to get those dip buyers in 1 more time before the market finally goes down or the bubble burst.

francisco yllescas says:

next week rally up.

ENOCH 33 says:

a lot of companies bought back there own stock with low interest rates as there sales keep slipping and they need cash they will dump there own stock then the blood runs in the streets happy trading !!!

Sabatino Zirolla says:

a contact of mine who worked as an options trader for citadel said short the market last night, he had a few beers so not sure how clear his judgement was.

8wayspeed says:

stupid question not sure if the Fed owns just about everything the market might not crash? but stumble.

Switchblade Minerva says:

While none of us know the exact date of when the yield curve will invert, my opinion at this point is that the extreme level of propaganda concerning Russia leads me to believe that our government has been setting the stage for Russia to be blamed for this event. I want to give you a short list of why I hold this opinion at this point in time.

1 Hillary blames Russia for her losing the Presidency.
2 Major media players are blaming Russia for interfering with the U.S. election.
3 Russia is being blamed for cyber attacks on the DNC, and releasing the information prior to the U.S. election.
4 Russia is being blamed for it's involvement in the use of Sarin Gas by Syrian forces on beautiful babies.
5 Russia is protecting it's dominance in shipping natural gas to Western Europe through it's involvement in protecting Syria.
6 Russia is protecting it's multiple bases in Syria.
7 Russia is protecting Syria from being dismantled in order for Qatar and Saudi Arabian pipelines to cross Syria for Western Europe.
8 Russia is protecting the alliance of Lebanon, Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran.
9 Russia has Elvira Nabiullina effectively guiding Russia's Central Bank in a time of enormous crisis.
10 Russia's strength in the oil and gas markets was seen as being blocked by the wretched Rex Tillerson.
11 Russia is the perfect pre-manufactured fall guy for any crisis in Western and U.S. markets.
12 You know Gregory that war covers a multitude of sins, and people are intrinsically afraid to question any president in a time of war.

There is much more I could add, but that is a good start.

Gregory, I actually watched the Nixon vs. Kennedy debates in 1960. I am old dude.

Jarhead ALPHA 01 says:

it will go down, they have tryed nothing and there all out of ideas

The Rapture says:

Great destruction is coming upon the world anytime now..
The 7 Year Tribulation is about to start on earth that the Bible predicted!
Great disasters as the world has never seen before are about to occur based on events that the Bible has predicted that are now coming true…

* Earthquakes are on the rise & 33 active volcanoes right now.
* World War 3 is about to start-the Bible predicts these specific wars & they are coming true NOW!
* Yellowstone to erupt soon & wipe out ¼ of the US.
* California & west coast wiped out from a 10.0 Earthquake coming soon.
* NYC & East Coast wiped out from a Tsunami coming from the Canary Islands coming soon.
* Meteors soon hitting the earth in larger numbers as part of the 6th Seal mentioned in the Bible.

Jesus Christ spoke about this time coming soon upon us.
* Luke 21:25-28
"There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.”

The Solution: The Rapture. Jesus is taking his people off of this earth SOON! (Probably this year!)
* Luke 21:26-28
"At that time they will see Jesus Christ coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption (Rapture) is drawing near.”

How to get into the Rapture (before the Tribulation starts):
* You don't need to go to church as Christ lives in your heart and not at a church.

* Say a one time prayer to ask Jesus Christ into your life & that you recognize he is Lord who came in the flesh to die for your sins on the cross & to forgive you of your sins so that you may enter heaven when you die or when the Rapture occurs.

* 1. Read your Bible Daily. Buy a New International Version Bible (NIV) & Read 1 chapter daily starting in the
book of
John. Think about how to apply this to your life today.

* 2. Repent of all sins. Avoid drinking, sex before marriage, evil movies, songs etc.

* 3. Bear Fruit for God by asking him what you can do for him daily & if you don't hear him then find one person you can help daily with your money or anyway you can. This directly builds your home in heaven!

Make sure your included in the soon Rapture! Don't let pride stop you from the heavenly gates!

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