The “Within Striking Distance” Breakout Pattern

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Stan Carver says:

I understand the pattern

Samar's Gadgets World says:

what he mean by breakout level?

cameron smith says:

Another Tim vid! Blessed AF ?

Lars Cronin says:

aw mean Thanks for the lesson….adds a whole nother meaning to studying charts for me

Patrick Roberts says:

Tim, got like 6 mins into the video and noticed the past week's GBT looks really similar to PIXY. Can the same kind of read apply to that?

Pinky Ring says:

Very good lesson and excellent explanation. Your video on AVEO last week was insightful and I began studying many stocks from all price ranges and sizes and noticed that AVEO pattern happens ALL THE TIME. I saw the same price action on DCTH on Tuesday and was able to get in the 17s before its spike to 19s and 20s. The only difference was that DCTH was intraday and AVEO and PIXY here are from a daily perspective but nonetheless the exact same bullish flag forming with higher lows. It shows high buyer presence and high probability of price action continuing higher. Thanks.

Arthur Eminovski says:

Helpful breakout education..thanks Tim your a champion!

Kourtney Kraft says:

Thanks for the video!

Simon Nicholson says:

PIXY Looked quite choppy at the open today. How did you do?

BlazinPinoy93 says:

awesome video as usual, curious to see how you played it this morning. it actually broke 10.50 and reached 10.65 but wasn't until 10am e.t.. possibly could have sold in the 10.40s right from open. either way appreciate the video and understand what your saying

Young Investor says:

Well I guess no one commented what you have to say then I'll comment. I UNDERSTAND THIS SETUP!! 🙂

Nelson Vargas says:

Hey tim,

Do you use stoch or cci graphs when trading?

Nelson Vargas says:

Hey Tim,

Do you ever use stoch and cci graph when trading?

Daniel Burnashev says:

I understand Tim!

Jaxx says:

Hey Tim…..comment comment comment…lol…just so you know I'm still here learning everyday. Thanks as always!

SaralaTV says:

i will never respect u as a trader cause i know how it all works but u giving schools and stuff to the poor now that i respect

JAvY0108 says:


Kenny Bailey says:


M B says:


rodrigo Luviano says:

Great video I understand

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