The Worst Stock Market Crashes In History

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In this video, we will discover the causes and effects of four of the most recent large-scale stock market crashes in the United States. What causes a stock market crash? How can a market crash affect the overall economy? This video will provide you with an outline of four stock market crashes ranging from 1929 to 2008.

One of the earliest market crashes began in 1637 in which was known as the Tulip Mania Bubble. Since markets began, we have experienced times of growth followed by contraction. The four market crashes that we will discuss in this video are:

– 1929 Stock Market Crash, leading the Global economy into widespread depression throughout the 1930s
– 1987, also known as Black Monday, the market dropped as low as 22.6% in the span of a day
– 2000 Dot-Com Bubble
– 2008 Global Financial Crisis

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Nate O'Brien says:

Will you be investing after the next market crash?
Warren Buffett once said that as an investor, it is wise to be “Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

Arath Mejia says:

Hi nate, I want to invest in the stock market you know good apps to trade from outside usa?

tirthb says:

Nice compilation. We are in great times now. So much uncertainty. We have crazy valuations like BYND and crypto. and FDX, BA are so cheap.

Investing Engineered says:

In real estate, even if your asset value drops, rental rates will generally stay constant.

You can't lose in real estate by taking advantage of cashflow.

Daniel Iles - Small Business says:


Totally Nicholas says:

i love the whiteboard… seems like a good move

The One 21 says:

Can you make a video on travailing. Im 15 and when I grow up im starting my own businesses. I might start now and invest in the stock market. But I really love to travel. I know you are a very traveled person and you continue to do so. Can you go over the budget you take. getting the best deals. and how far should I plan before I decide to travel. Thank you. Your videos are helping me get through a broken hip.Since I cant do sports I just watch your videos so when My hip gets better I know something about investing and how I should spend my money.

Ed Denoy says:

Today's tulips are called 'crypto'.

Epic2019Shift says:

►“Recently, all 16 branches of our Intelligence Community have come together to release a shocking report. These agencies, that include the CIA, FBI, Army and Navy, have already begun to estimate the impact of the fall of the dollar as the global reserve currency, and our reign as the world’s leading super power being annihilated in a way equivalent to the end of the British Empire, post-World War II.” (Project Prophecy 2.0, Jim Rickards)◄

Nigel Gresswell says:

Once again a very clear and erudite explanation of the major stock market crashes over the last hundred years. You’d make a brilliant teacher. One thing I never quite understand is about quantitive easing introduced by central banks since the last crash. Would you consider making a video about that and what the possible implications are for the economy. Fuel for the next stock market crash?

Logan Fisher says:

That’s why Real Estate is such a beautiful investment. Cash flow isn’t affected by Wall Street!

Kirin Nguyen - Personal Finance Blogger says:

You teach better than most of my professors 👍

Lisa J says:

Education has the potential to dispel fears, and give us a broader perspective on societal issues. This was a brilliant video idea Nate! It had mob psychology, morality & greed, analyzing historical patterns for future trends…I was like…🤓🍿

Benjamin Roberts FBA says:

🌸 🌺 🌹 Remember the Tulips 1637!

PATentPending310 says:

Great content as always Nate. Is there a certain percentage of cash you are holding in your IRA/brokerage right now?

Arvabelle - Money & Mindful Living says:

Loving this longer form content! Honestly it blows my mind that high schools just skim over this topic

Austin Johnson says:

I feel like the stock market at this point is a 10000 story building and we're trying to add new levels…Things start to get wobbly. I can't wait for the next 'recession' or correction.

Ken Lynch says:

Everyone watching this has earned their BS in Economics & Financial Management. Well done

RealLife Money - Weekly Financial Videos says:

The idea about easy credit and money is definitely concerning. Do you think that’s going on right now with student loans? 🤔

Smart Joe says:

Why dont they teach this in more detail in school ?

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