The Young Trader Who Turned $9,700 Into $360,000 Trading Penny Stocks

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I love this kid’s story and he’s now teaching others from his experience as he trades each month with just a $30,000 account and he’s been making $10,000/month roughly still as a teenager…always good to hear interesting niche strategies from successful traders


Tanner Bowls says:

Damn this is motivating I've lost about half of my 1k in about 5 months and I'm gonna stop for the last few months of 2015 to paper trade and study as hard as I can and then come back with 3k at the beginning of 2016 I love this tim thank you so much

Klemen Ogorevc says:

how can i contact him? can somebody send me his e-mail :)

brandon longley says:

I really enjoyed watching this video. I think the main lesson that I learned was: When in a bad slump of trading, STOP trading with real $$$$$ and start paper trading to discover what went wrong.(Learn from your mistakes). Even when the market changes, learn How to Adapt by paper trading to help prevent BIG losses

Antoine Gagnon says:

A masterpiece.

Jose Melendez says:

Amazing video! I managed to learn a lot from this and I thought it be really cool to see the same thing with other investors like superman and kroyrunner and Michael goode to see well their strategy works for them.

Colton Turner says:

Great video this is very inspiring I needed this

7alamontii says:

you're the best tim !!!!!!!

Shox Bek says:

Great guy Tim and nice interview

Francisco D'anconia says:

Tim this is just incredibly cool man, thank you so much for this! Wish you both the best as always.

Elias Berge says:

Hello i am very motivated about stocks and trading. my name is Elias i am seventeen years old. I really like your channel its a lot of good and helpfull videos you have im going to watch all of them to become a good stock trader.

Jwillson Williander says:

Very inspiring.

Ivy Caden says:

Awesome Video!👌 Very Inspiring Indeed!✨ Thank you for sharing!👍

Kris Danielson says:

I trade from my phone to in class aha I use around 14G a month my bill is suppose to be $60 buys it's around $200 to $300 a month lol

whynotsuccess gft says:

He's gona be a big trader

TheAutoAssign says:

im about to graduate highschool , and have been studying for awhile but I am thinking of subscribing to connor is there a way I can talk to him at all?

van biak says:

Wow! Awesome video. Amazing story.

Oscar Angel Garcia says:

im a 14 year old freshman in highschool, and I want to learn how to trade stocks like you. I have been interested in stock trading a couple months ago I have been watching all of your lessons. I want to keep on learning more about trading and hopefully start trading with real money within 2-3 years. I have started saving money from my job. I have about 400 dollars but will continue to save up. Any tips on how to learn more about trading and the different patterns, strategies and rules you can teach me, so I can begin living this awesome lifestyle. Thanks

Roy Harris says:

Great video, trading community on is great, I trade with Tims rules/wisdom but more conner style. Cut losses quickly! No exceptions. That is the most valuable advice that seems easy but is most difficult. Go ahead and buy that plane ticket Tim, bc I will be one for sure..💵💰📈😆 Dojihunter

Alex91062 says:

What would you say is a good age to begin trading and what is the minimum amount of money needed to begin?


Dude this is brilliant. I am 16 years old and I am working my fucking ass off everyday to be like you when I turn 18. The only difference is I trade Tim's strategy. Thank You for this truly inspiring video!! Anything is possible. I also have to trade under my desk in school but I like it. There is a rush lol

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