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There’s No Limit!

Disclaimer: Trading the Forex Market is very high RISK and you can easily loose far more than your initial investment! These videos are intended for entertainment purposes only. Their content does not constitute any financial advice or recommendations in any form.

Hi Traders! I am an experienced Forex trader. The method I am demonstrating in these videos is called ‘Scalping’. It is very risky but I have had enough experience to be successful in the long term. I really enjoy it – in fact it is thrilling! Being a Forex Trader is the Best job in the World! Over the years I have met some of the smartest and skillful people on the planet. The Forex community is wonderful to be apart of but there is also a negative side – the scammers! In fact Forex is one of the most scammed sectors in finance – probably the world – so watch out!

I am NOT a GURU – I have nothing I want to sell to anyone regarding Forex, e.g. a ‘winning’ method (LMAO!), I think all these things are nonsense! I just want to show off my skills and have fun with other traders here on YT 🙂

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The Mad Forex Trader:
My fellow traders call me ‘The Mad Forex Trader’ so the name kind of stuck over the years. They would call me this because of the way I trade – which is unconventional … whatever conventional is? I guess some of these things include using and actually measuring risk to reward per trade – which I don’t do because I’m to lazy LMAO!

My Trading SetUp:
I use the Triple Screen developed by the famous Dr. Alexander Elder way back in 1985. On the right I have the Daily time-frame with the Weekly Pivots – the use of Pivots goes back to the pioneers of trading and they have been proven to be a reliable reference for support and resistance. I also use this screen to dial-in orders. The middle screen is the 4-hour time-frame with Heikin-ashi candles. This screen also displays my profit and loss (P&L) for the day – Green $ is open orders and White $ is closed. It also has the RSI(5). On the left is the 15 minute time-frame where I execute all the trades. This is also with Heikin-ashi candles on the closing price line chart. I also have RSI(5) on this chart to compare with the 4-hour time-frame.

DEMO Trading:
Please note that all the videos on this channel use Demo accounts only.


The Mad Forex Trader says:

Made all the changes from the last video. There are 10 orders now per drop with the first 4 @ 2:1 the next 3 @ 1:1 and the last 3 @ 1:2. The risk and reward are based on the ATR(100) values. We will see how this goes. The spacing between orders is set to 8 pips for now – not ideal but with an 80 pip entry window it covers a good amount of timeframes. I am only trading between 15 minute and weekly timeframes.

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