These Charts PROVE Dozens of Stock Markets Have Crashed in 2015!

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This Guy says:

So dissapointing. He's been repeating the same line of "it's gonna happen folks! Not yet! Not yet! Almost!" A year later and nothing has happened. This guy should become an end of the world pastor, at least he'll be able to start making money off of his bullshit instead of being as poor as he is.

derrik tie says:

foreign worker hahah they are called illegal mexicans hahahah money gps

Doubil Troubil says:

Everyone complains about gold and silver being manipulated. … one made any such claim when they went up for a decade lol.
The USD is on the verge of another very large move up…..commodities are going away for a very long time.
Get on side of the USD for now. Do not try to fight the major underlying trend. 

GrizOfLafayette says:

Yellen a democrat will attempt to blind us as much as possible to attempt another democrat administration

GrizOfLafayette says:

The crash 5 yrs out, how many more QEs til then ? LoL

Ryan Guest says:

Thanks I will take a look, but trying to get anyone to watch a video on the economy is practically impossible , I have forwarded numerous videos to them I then ask them a week or two later , I get , I turned it off after a minute as it was boring or the other favourite I have been too busy ( watching shit on television)

Thor Arzan says:

This was great. I appreciate that you back up what you say with data and references. You analyze concisely and intelligently, and I most of all appreciate that you take the intelligence of your audience seriously. I read and listen to a lot of news and I never miss your podcast. Keep it up. I also come here for the truth and share your concerns about censorship of topics like… so thanks for the whole truth even when they…

Xx2ndAmendmentxX says:

Thank you for your invaluable info Dave!

Theo Martinez says:

David great video as always. I wanted to touch on what you mentioned regarding money off the books, i believe you would find the subject of comprehensive annual financial reports ( CAFRs) very very informative. Maybe you can share your views on these slush funds that almost every entity in the US has a hand in. From municipalities and staye governments to school districts and police departments. 

Itz Hyde says:

have a look at dividend cover, it has been reducing dramatically.

ad cx says:

The markets seem to be getting increasingly chaotic and statistics seems to be increasingly insufficient in modelling what is going on. It will be interesting to see how far this chaos continues before the over due crash comes along to stabilize the markets. I hope that there will be a big crash soon so that things can finally be sorted out for real. I think that there are some big changes on their way.

quadcatfly says:


Stephen Lee says:

The truth, the people are getting screwed. It the masses money that is suppose to effect the markets. This is nothing more that a transfer of wealth the governments and the private central are in collusion own. Working against the masses. Refusing to do what is needed and that is to get MONEY IN THE MASSES HANDS not the FEW.

Ryan Guest says:

I have tried on numerous occasions to show to friends and family how screwed the global economy is , but everyone rolls their eyes and say I am crazy! Someone even said our government will never allow that to happen , these people don't care about graphs and figures no matter how much they back the story , so i have decided to leave them to their dream world and i will keep to reality

Nabeela Sanullah says:


Ruben Ojeda says:

of all the videos I watch on the market and finance yours are the most thorough and accurate. I enjoy them and encourage you to keep making them. Thank you

Sally Salamander says:

Thanks for a great report. Something on my mind lately is that some stats that reflect manufacturing like Baltic Dry are reporting accurately. It is my belief that these stats may somehow support TPP signing when we are desperate after a pop.

John Smith says:

Come on, are you serious?

Jack Worster says:

thanks again MONEY GPS for all the truth you give us!!!

Jack Worster says:

better take care of the ones you love get ready for civil war!!! USA is divided and there's going to be a problem may be a good fight maybe not we will see!!!

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