These Charts Show Why Bitcoin Is Headed To The Moon | CNBC

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Checking the charts on bitcoin. Is a boom on the way? With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders.
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These Charts Show Why Bitcoin Is Headed To The Moon | CNBC


dfchipmunk says:

BTC failed to make a new high. Bear market continuation. Dont take investment advice from these clowns. BTC needs to break 9745 to continue its uptrend. We also just broke a significant support level at 9157 that we have been holding.

Paumonsu says:

CNBC is awful

I Have Lithp says:

A bitcoin will b worth $2bil in a few seconds after u read this 3 2 1

u missed it…

Damien Parsons says:

What a goof charter… LoL a lil dip from here before the climb. Careful on leverage!

luffebassen says:

I thought they only presented fake news like CNN here…hmmm….im confused.
Cant wait for next bull run.
2018 is gonna be ANOTHER great year for crypto.

zell2867 says:

ok time to buy?

Karl Tarjney says:

It will first go down then to the moon

Mouss Mouss says:

I feel that may will be a bullish month

CC Stash says:

Carter is awesome! Thanks CNBC! We need someone level headed

aa888zz says:

They say it is going to go up. So that means that it is time to sell.

Colton Brummel says:

If the mainstream media is talking about a bull run, prepare for the opposite. These ambassadors have their own agenda, you should be aware of that possibility and plan accordingly.

TheHoplite14 says:

Okay, I don't have a problem with bitcoin because I own a tiny amount in my portfolio, but I also recognize that it is not an asset that is performing by its intended use.
The other thing I have a problem with is CNBC's absolutely botched technical analysis. What he fails to realize is that that wedge can be drawn with ANY bubble to yield the same insights. This is not to say the wedge breakout is going to yield a climb past the previous 20k high in the next few months. The wedge he drew is completely arbitrary and you can draw them any way to prove your point, so what the 'better' analysts attempt to do is draw their wedges in a conservative manner, to predict lighter swings, as this is much more profitable because it's much more likely. Also, this allows the smaller 'horizon' to give balance to the most recent factors driving the market, which tells the story best for future outcomes.
CNBC, i hope you pass this message along to your boy over there. He's misguiding people and doing so with fairy tail logic.
-Nate Out.

Everest Network says:

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Prince Gongora says:

Robin Padilla movies

Jensen Rhodes says:

Carter, what did you do to the chart? Stretched then compressed? Miss leading to say the least. Go see what the chart actually looks like i n real time see if you can draw the same conclusion? On the other hand you can make the case for the S&P, which does look like this. Not saying bit wont bounce but that chart I call Bull S**t.

Sir Fig Newton Churchhill III says:

Donate bitcorn to 1PQiibCMY6cot9iJoBojgZX6QPEXf9oJyu for good luck!

J B says:

Sleeper privacy coin, Spectrecoin (XSPEC) is a screaming buy imo. They said it's more private than xmr, zcash , dash.

Trading at $0.6, think it'll be $40 – $50 in the long term.

Go XSPEC. Do a review.

Com Bat says:

It's not stock. It's supposed to be a currency. Would you sell or buy products in such a volatile currency exchange. A lot of dumb money in this scheme.

Chris Rock says:

Those 2 spikes where absolutely one group or whale getting people in after a long 2 week bore. When the media gets bullish I get nervous. Hope I'm wrong.


>talks about bitcoin
>Future market for btc

lmao, what have I watched?

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