Things To Know Before Trading Options On Robinhood App

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Trading options is complex and lot of times brokerages don’t tell you all the risks involved. In this video, we expose some of the risks so hopefully it makes you a better trading when buying or selling options.

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nur shahjalal says:

Hi, quick question, I bought 2 contract ford call option expiring in March 2019 @ $.39 and I sold them @ $1.00 , which I do not know what I am doing. Did I really make profit. Or any obligation

Tyler Burkhardt says:


Tyler Burkhardt says:

Sell 25
Dump noneZzzzzzz

Tyler Burkhardt says:

Sell 25
Dump 10

Tyler Burkhardt says:

Need a quote

Tyler Burkhardt says:

Value options

Tyler Burkhardt says:


Forba Ebanks says:

Informative without the additional fluff!!! Well done and thank you!

DuuudeMaaan says:

Thanks for these videos. You should make a video explaining the Greeks and a tutorial in safely investing in options.

Bereket Tesfatsion says:

Hey nice video on options. I found it useful. Quick question: when you enter into the trading options page for any stock, there is a percentage value just under the option bid price. What is that? Thanks!

Eruptiion TV. says:

When I try to sell one of options it gets cancelled?
I bought 2 contracts for FCSC1 for a 5$ call and i got a gain of +990.00 so I made around 1000 but it won’t let me sell?

Gene Morgan says:

What’s up Team. Let’s see some more videos. Miss you guys knowledge and help.

Ramiro Pinon says:

What kind of percentage do you usually on gain on an average on a quick flip/ day trade?

AproposRobin Option Trader says:

2 words Iron condor


Thanks broh really helped !

Timo Ortiz says:

Here's a video I made on spreads using one order. RH took the feature away but you can still use the feature if you get the right version.

Jonny kroneks says:

Thanks for the video, if you sell your option and someone else exercises it would you need to have the 100 shares to sell at that price to cover it ? I sold 20 contracts on Robinhood without the share to cover or buying power and sweating it

Simon Tse says:

Also one more questions, say SPY is currently at 268.15 and you buy a call at call at 275. Say, SPY gone up to 273, not quite at the strike price of 275. Do you still make money?

Simon Tse says:

Hi there, I am new to your channel and I just subscribed. I enjoy your topics a lot. I do have a questions regarding the strick price. Let's use the SPY $268 Call as an example. What would happen if say, the price of SPY goes up to 269, 270 and beyond. Do you make more money? If so, how are the prices computed?

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