ThinkOrSwim Basics Tutorial – How to Buy Stocks

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ThinkOrSwim Basics Tutorial – How to Buy Stocks

Another quick introduction video walking you through the Think Or Swim (TOS) Platform. Here I walk you through how to buy and sell stocks with the TOS Trade tab.

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Sanjay Pratap says:

don't you think 9.95 is too much ?

Ammar Mazrui says:

Hello Nate, great videos. They helped me learned a lot. I am a complete beginner as a trader. I made a few trades and noticed that there is a buying power effect that comes out when i make a trade. What is the buying power effect? When I sell does it deduct the buying power effect again or credit to my account when i sell?

bert carri says:

Hi there, I thought I sent you a message, and was telling you that I watched the video about charts, but takes me back to the ad of five tools to find stock. I could stop the picks I get and learn some more. And also feel like trying real trading at TOS. maybe I should get the for awhile and learn more about pics but I also need to learn how to trade on TOS. Thanks

bert carri says:

Thanks, I saw the video on charts, but does this mean that you are directing me to the five tools to use to find stock. or please tell me how to learn more about chart. I like your videos so I'll review the one up here but feel the willingness of learning how to start treading live on the pataform. Eventhough I could ty to cancelled the pics subcription I pay and review all your videos and learn more. Am I able to give you a call during the day?

bert carri says:

Good morning Nate, are you able to guide me in re selecting forex or commodities to invest in the market. I have Ninja but haven't use is in a while. In your video you have a video about 5 tools to find stocks, I will click right now.

bert carri says:

Hi Clay, very good but at times it looked a bit blurry, but thanks. I'm new to this, and want to learn dow to trade. I pay for pics and missed the NS last week, I would made some money. I will review your video over again. to me personally was just a bit fast. but great

Martin Brown says:

do you have a video for the following day after this video. say you had day orders and till cancel orders to see how they did and what's happening now

MrChubbycheese says:

ciao guys! for example if i buy a stock at 2$, and i want to sell it at 3$ but i want to have my stop at 1$, how do i manage this in TOS??? i don't know how to place such an order….i want a limit order to sell at a certain price, but i also want a stop order at the same time at a certain price

Russell John Transfiguracion says:

ayeee super useful video, 2016 coming to an end!

Jay Batista says:

Hello ,
First time ,I want to ask a dumb question Im new to this.
Can I Future trade as a Day trader?

MrChubbycheese says:

if i set a limit order to buy a stock at a certain price, even if the stocks hits that price i don't get executed….how can this be?

Ty Joyce says:

Nice info! Thanks for sharing! Subscribed.

Gary Wagner says:

Hi. How do you close and order that you just bought? You say to do the opposite but I can't tell if I closed what I bought or I executed another separate transaction and shorted the stock?

Jose Cornejo says:

how can I short a stock think or swim platform in paper account……?????

Delroy61 says:

I just opened an account with TD Ameritrade yesterday. First time investing, and I have a question:

I want to purchase 100 shares of a specific company. What is my "buying power", and how can a "Limit" assist me? I hoping this specific investment will rise $10 dollars in the upcoming months, but I'm not sure how to properly use the "Market/Limit" tabs.

Please and Thank you!!!

Bruno Desousa says:

stupid question. i cant figure out how to add a stock to my watchlist. please help

Jim Oliver says:

TD Ameritrade is pathetic..I swear they run their website off a Commodore 64 . Their Tech support does not have a clue.
We had one of their "salesmen" call my wife at work (Pathetic) trying to get her to open a 401K with them.
Also when the market was taking a huge dip..their website went down (way to be there in critical times AMTD) and when I called to inform the tech…he was clueless.
Google Ameritrade sucks….
Wait !! they have gotten even more Pathetic…Scum just like their CEO imho.

S R says:

Thanks for doin this, one question tho, on avg. how long does it take for a stock order to come in?

CZ OS says:

Thanks for creating this vid. It was very straightforward and just what I needed.

Presious P says:

this is great thx

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