ThinkorSwim Tutorial – ThinkOrSwim Basics -TOS Options Trading for beginners – Chart Setup & scanner

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ThinkorSwim basics tutorial. How to setup charts, trade options on the TOS platform and setup ThinkOrSwim scanners. TOS basics for trading with the platform. Quick tutorial on how to use the platform and setup everything you need to trade! Step by step process explained by one of the TOS masters in The Trading Fraternity. Given his extensive knowledge with the platform, we decided to start with a basics tutorial to get you ThinkOrSwim beginners off the ground. We will be releasing a lot more of these progressing into the more advanced features of the platform and how to use it more efficiently. Although I use eTrade pro, many brothers use the ThinkOrSwim platform, as it is just a matter of personal preference. I have to admit, TOS does have a lot more capabilities, like the ability to use ThinkOrSwim for forex data, options scanners, deeper level 2 and time and sales. as well as the ThinkOrSwim active trader and tradeflash! Nonetheless, I still use eTrade pro as I can maneuver it faster and its a lot simpler for me and well, I like simple!

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this video! We already have over 6 full on trading tutorials shot and ready to upload, but we will be releasing them throughout the month and week! So please let us know what you want a tutorial of and we will make it! If you are a citizen, all the finished tutorials are in the Citizen private video library so watch them asap so you can ask us more questions and come the webinar prepared!

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Why not teach anything Forex? That market in many times bigger than the one of actions and that of options.

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