This Happens to Too Many Traders so Beware!

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Trading isn’t a traditional job … and you shouldn’t treat it like one! Today, I’m talking with my student who’s made $8 million from trading. Here’s what he thinks about how to break away from the ‘9 to 5’ mentality.

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Plenty of people think to themselves, “OK, I’m gonna be a stock market expert.” Then, they sit at a computer all day. Believe it or not, this mentality can slow down your progress.

In this video, I’m talking with my student Tim Grittani who’s made $8 million from trading. And he’s got a few thoughts on why trading should NOT be a 9 to 5 job.

(Tim’s results are far from typical. He’s dedicated time to build his trading knowledge and hone exceptional skills. Most traders lose money. Always remember trading is risky, and never risk more than you can afford.)

I’m all for testing and trying new strategies. But if I’m at my computer for too long, I start seeing patterns that aren’t there. I start forcing trades because I want to make the time I’m sitting there “worth it.”

Burn out is real. And it’s dangerous. Check out what Tim has to say about the importance of learning your own warning signs of burning out … He’s ignored them, and as a result, he did some dumb things that cost him big money!

I don’t know what I need to say to drum this into your head: trading is not a normal 9 to 5 job. It’s a ‘you versus you’ job. It’s a mental game.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve made millions of dollars nothing. You must master your own discipline.

The market’s always changing. If you have a goal of making a certain amount per day or week, you’ve got another thing coming. You don’t need to trade every single day, and quite frankly, you probably shouldn’t.

It’s normal to struggle with this concept. After all, we’ve been brought up to feel like we need to be busy and productive to be doing something worthwhile.

Well, trading isn’t your typical job. A lot of it is studying, learning patterns, and watchful waiting for your ideal setups.

Smart, consistent trading requires a huge mindset shift — and plenty of education. Instead of forcing trades, focus on watching the webinars, DVDs, and other educational materials we’ve created.

Get our best tips for breaking away from the traditional day-job mindset. Learn what you should ACTUALLY spend your time doing if you want to be a long-term, self-sufficient trader!

Do you treat trading like a 9 to 5 job? Be honest! Leave a comment and tell me about your experience.

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