This Is A Normal, Bull Market Correction: J.P. Morgan Strategist Gabriela Santos | CNBC

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Gabriela Santos, J.P. Morgan Funds global market strategist, and Jeremy Zirin, UBS head of investment strategy Americas, discuss their investment strategies during the market sell-off.
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This Is A Normal, Bull Market Correction: J.P. Morgan Strategist Gabriela Santos | CNBC


k h says:

no recession on the horizon? WTF is this chick on?

kyle williams says:

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Chris R says:

Everything he said at the start was meant to sound like the market is healthy and its just a dip, but really hes describing a huge bubble that's getting ready to burst, "oh we expect a pullback for 2 days in the whole year its healthy" 2 days? in a whole year? year after year?

blasteroid says:

thank god for J.P. Morgan right guys? they always warn us before a flash crash.

Biagio Colangelo says:

america will be paying more interest on there balloning dept,LET THE INTEREST RATES BEGIN

wayne wang says:

I have made good money doing opposite to what the fake news tells you..

cmegroup23 says:

UBS is getting smashed. Their trading profits are declining in excess of 20% YoY, and they are increasing fees on wealth mgt clients. In addition, their share price is very weak and illiquid. Short UBS during corrections, very corrupt company, and very unorganized.

Patel Crypto says:

The best hedge against this bubble market is buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ! BTC

Patel Crypto says:

no it is not… right now it is at a big bubble …. No sharks gonna lose anything… its small retail investors and traders thats gonna take the heat !!!! Trump is going to end stock markets badly for small investors ……

Francisco Sanchez says:

all of the markets are built on DEBT!!!!! airheads i swear. Don't be sheep people!!! These mainstream media "fake news" outlets do not have the best interest in the regular people. And if they say yes we are in a bear market then it only speeds up the process of the crash that has started! Please be wise so you do not suffer because you listened to this utter BS!

myheroforever says:

Gabriel Santos looks good but does she really know what is happening?  We will see.

John Dingleberry says:

she's not the brightest

Lynn Roberts says:

CNBC never gets it right.

yin ng says:

These are terrible people they blamed the FED for everything. They should look themselves in the mirror.

Ryan Danger says:

What a load of tripe. Good job at avoiding the word crash. How Can CMNBC make it look like a good idea to invest right now??? Financial advice??? More like Financial Suicide!

Rippin FATVapez says:

Jesus these people are clueless. Have they looked at the dollar index lately?

wouldbegood says:

Getting played by the black box.

Nikhil says:

speak about blind leading the blind.

Adam Strachan says:

can NOBODY remember the 2008 crash?
all the result of bad policy and weak WH. job losses will be huge

Tomherbs says:

Dump it, dump it all.

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