'This is healthy profit-taking': Investor on market sell-off

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CNBC’s “Halftime Report” team breaks down how their investment strategies amid the market sell-off, led by the technology stocks. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: https://cnb.cx/2NGeIvi

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Daniel S Porterfield says:

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Jay Rizz says:

A vaccine will do more harm then the virus itself!!!!!

Jay Rizz says:

This notion that we're recovering is a myth! These comments are paid for by the same companies that want your money.

Renee Citizen says:

Only hyaenas feed off the dead and even they think of their pack. Sad 😥

K Kendall says:

Elon musk and the board of tesla betrayed their fiduciary responsibility to investors. They should be made to resign. It will result in class action law suits

Tesla advertised the 5 for 1 split for a month. The price appreciated from $1500/shr to $2300/shr.

The day of the split the price went from an open of $440/shr to $534/shr. Tesla then announced billions in stock sell off: no advance advertisement. Which immediately created negative price pressure. Stock price plunged from $534 to $380 as of this morning.

The board betrayed investor value with the sell off announcement

K Kendall says:

Orlando airport had 75000 fliers on labor day: A massive increase.

Boeing is set to have a very large price evaluation

Forrest Olney says:

Hold or pay
The fact that tesla was not included in S&P 500 means that 38% of the shares required,
are not required and may have been dumped.
Anyone who got in more than a month ago is in good shape unless they sold.
If you own Tesla for less than a year and sell you will be taxed at 38% tax or more.
And you lose an average of 50% annual return on investment. total loss 88% on average or more.
People need to mention this more. There is no get rich quick. Hold and buy. It's not that hard.

Stavros Ar says:

She actualy said this is healthy.

Frank Manson says:

Great Video, very informative!

Courtnay Power says:

You know what I think it is- the Fed is no longer buying as much of the stock market

Dirt Gambit says:

lets have a 3 days crash then a 2 month rise, a planned stock crash for the media to put down the peoples throat. a fake manipulated market

simon poole says:

She is ridiculous. Bullish narratives to validate crazy valuations is reckless. You are on a business channel- stop the bs and luring in retail investors

Hyperstitic says:

So a couple of red days in weeks signals a "market crash" geez y'all are some weak holders

Hyperstitic says:

Damn apparently your average Joe's in this comment section know what is going to happen to the stock market. Y'all should become hedge fund managers.

Natalie Hall says:

This is disturbing.. Watch for a $DXY rally soon.

Amine Fourali says:

They always have an explanation! Crazy world!

Mrs Mary says:

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Jimbo Coats says:

Go ahead and send that video of your lips around the kok of the Federal Reserve! Focking Tyrants!

Jonathan Shin says:

Wait until the checks stop and ppl save and consumer doesn’t spend. Jobs aren’t relevant if they’re not making what they had before

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