THIS is How Penny Stock Pumps End

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Study up, take advantage of this blowout sale at and read this new book as knowledge is power and you won’t fall in love with these carcasses as they collapse…read this article too to help you understand even more!

0:05 I’m going to be doing a more detailed video for my subscribers tomorrow, but I can’t leave you guys hanging.

0:30 If you’re stuck in these stocks and you’re confused you need to study the past. This is how penny stocks have always worked, and this is how they will continue to work. You need to study the patterns.

3:00 I had two pretty good dip-buys, I’ll do a more detailed video tomorrow detailing what I think will happen going into Monday.

5:00 Marijuana investors got mad at me back in 2014 but it’s really just a pattern. I’m just trying to warn you guys, I’m an educator.

6:15 Not one penny stock pump that I have seen has made it. Maybe one out of 800. Those are terrible odds.

8:00 I am not the enemy, I’m trying to teach you penny stock patterns that work. I wish that the game weren’t this way, but it is what it is. You have to study and learn the patterns.

10:00 These promoters are doing shady stuff. I’m just going to keep teaching and explaining the patterns for you guys. It’s so sad to see you guys lose.


Lugher Vaquero says:

What is the difference between "PENNYSTOCKING SILVER" and "Tim's Challenge"?

Lugher Vaquero says:

Hi Tim, I would love to be a part of your challenge, but I can not afford it right now. Could you please tell me if there is any payment option?

Frank G. says:

Why not short all these penny stocks ?

Brent Leonard says:

You are a golden god! Been following you for a while now!

David Andries says:

Unfortunately I can't get this book from Jamil in my country. And on it's out of stock 🙁

bill broughton says:

I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now. Been in the game for awhile but watching these defiantly helped me pick up some things. Great work. Keep it up.

Nicolas Medina says:

This is hilarious

Dan Anthony says:

Oh pennt stocks ! I saw.the chart and thought this was. Bitcoin ad . Sorry I'm.still a little jayded from today. There proabably a good reason stock don't trade on the weekend.

Steve Bondy says:

Any word on when Jamil's book might actually ship to Canada?

TheDerpyDonut says:

Tim are you familiar with tradingview? If so what's your opinion on it

foreveryoung says:

Tim I know by now you're tired of saying the same things over and over…when will ppl learn

Johnny Trask says:

How long have you guys been studying until you found success?

Deontia Andrews says:

Great video Tim…its crazy how these patterns happen over and over again….

simon asmera says:

When are you going to put the video that you guys recorded from dux MIT conference? Thanks

Conrad Barns-Graham says:

Sweet video lesson Tim, it’s amazing as a newbie to watch everything you say and teach come to fruition, love the challenge and learning the patterns from the past repeat in real time is just incredible. Thx for every thing you provide, it truely is excellent.

Austin Doiron says:

I got your alerts for LRGR but couldn't do anything cuz my laptop crapped out on me right before market open. I could only watch it but I'm ok with missing it because I still got to experience it.

Yaseen Lorgat says:

anticipate the LRGR long on a first green day/end of day friday basing

Oinotna Iramida says:

Great Tim …. it's like living in matrix, you can take the blue or red pill, live in matrix or live in reality.Tim your book can be found in Italian

Grant Curry says:

Shalom & thank you for your persistance.

Nick Evans bodybuilding says:


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