This Is the Best Time To Sell/Bet Against A Stock

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Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there and the rest of you have 3 days to grab this special offer that will help you plan better trades…today’s video lesson is a followup to Friday’s video lesson here and I go into detail as to why I sold and what is usually the best indicator to sell or even short sell a stock into…thank you CNBC 🙂


welcome lubisi says:

LOL @CNBC…Tim you're a genius👌

Edgar Camacho says:


troy crouse says:

@Parity is Uncertain lol this guy hates so much he prob never got the dvds and is lazy and mad because others are working way harder then he ever could i got all of tims dvds they are true they teach you everything and people that put hate comments must not have a life and just are haters.

xGelo HD says:

damn, as a poor and broke 15 years old 500$/€ every trade seems a fucking DREAM to me, I mean, that's the salary of my brother in 1 month, and you can do that on a trade on 1 day

ItsArchii says:

The models…LOL… Can't imagine the presenter's face

Stefan says:

lol @ cnbc. and lol Tim, this time you didn't say the words "if you get the gist of this vidio…", hehe

Terrell Tinsley says:

lol@cnbc they may be horrible but I think kelly evans is so sexy

Fidel Valenzuela says:

LOL @CNBC… don't trust mainstream media!

Marco Pagan says:


Savage Savant says:


Russell Baker says:

lol @CNBC – we need a stock channel with nothing but hot chicks that would be gold

Phillip Tinsley says:

Lol at CNBC

James Broome says:

I learned a long time ago if the truth hurts your feelings you have a personal problem😊

Steven Lergos says:

LOL@ CNBC!!! I love it. Tim at your level at 2.20 or at 2.10 what other time frames would be best to see that enrty level? Keep up the Great Work Tim

carlos torres says:

Gimmie some cash

Muaz Baig says:

LOL @ CNBC, Tim youre a savage. its awesome

Jonathan Hojeily says:

Hi tim, I've been watching and studying your videos and in my research into potential trades for tomorrow and the week I found a company which is declaring for bankruptcy this week and was wondering how that affects the stock price/volatility? Love the stuff and will continue studying and trying to learn your techniques and patterns! Love the material you have and you have really inspired me to work hard for myself and for my future! Thanks!!!

Castle Trader says:

lol @cnbc 🙂

Thomas gabriel says:

Ok stupid question but still a question. Do you simultaneously watch CNBC as you have a position in the stock or the news pop up on STT features

chris norman says:

Lol @ CNBC. You the MAN TIM!!!!

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