This market sell-off is likely just a short pull-back, strategist says

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Brian Jacobsen of Wells Fargo Asset Management discusses investor strategies as stocks begin to drop.


Derek Simenac says:

what jackass lying so his clients are left holding the losses

marc chauvette says:

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Harold Callahan says:

Liar liar pants on fire.

Dennis says:

S&P 1500 lets gooooo

drmodestoesq says:

Head for the mountains with your dog, beef jerky and your shotgun.

Felipe Angel says:

In February the US02Y / US10Y was at 0.80, today it's at 0.90 and climbing. As soon as its gets over 1.0 (2 year bond yield larger than the 10y bond) the Dow will plunge.

Kenneth Ferguson says:

Sell Sell Sell!

M Zach says:

Except the Dow closed down more than 800 and now futures are down more than 300.

Ahno Nymuz says:

Lol pullback it's start of big sell off

Mike Reiley says:

WTF is the Fed doing?

Chiefly Chieftain says:

Let me guess: Buy the dip.

vairavan vairavan says:

Is it just a pull back or start of a bear market?

Samir Torba says:

At the start of time I despised self-called "strategists". Now I actually pity them

Scrubzor says:

The markets are going up and down all the time. As soon as it starts to retrace everyone panics, then a week later its going back up and everything is good, such a joke how they just talk about the same shit over and over.

Dora Wang says:

Lol, remind me how Trump's people said there was no trade war only couple months ago. Look now, can you really trust news nowadays​?

InternetMunchies says:

big money is getting out early, they will buy back in when everything drop 30 percent

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