THIS Only Happened 1 Time IN HISTORY! And the Stock Market CRASHED!

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The Money GPS says:

In your opinion, is there too much emphasis on tech stocks right now in the market?

Social Famous says:

Really like your videos! Thank you for sharing!

Dan P. says:

Gloom boom doom – my skin is coming off soon

ZionismIsRacism says:

This video is 11:11

Patricia curtis says:

film these sites on a smaller resolution

Truth says:

Yea technology makes up 25% of the market because technology has become 25% of our lives. Duh

Eplemos4Life says:

In 5 years we will be pricing everything in bitcoin.

gaurav kumar thakur says:

People are worried of India that our pe is not matching with the nifty and sensex and crash may happen and also it's mean a long bull run here!! Really we moved 18% people should watch USA it's moved around 23 % so no one should sell in panic this is just a normal correction and bull run is still going to happen we may se Nasdaq trading 10000 next year maybe and nifty at 15000

Russell Stauffer says:

Technology will eventually fall, especially as the work force falls behind the training curve. Some tech companies are using outdated technologies to keep their profits up, but if a couple companies upset the curve by underpaying stockholders to reinvest in tech capital, a wild collapse in tech firms, including heavyweights like IBM, Microsoft and Intel, will cause chaos across the entire economy.

Dennis W says:

Come on. Didn't you get the memo. Bear markets and recessions have been repealed.

stangtrax says:

No crystal ball here but anyone on your chart look up the S&P 500, set your candles for monthly, then set the SMA at 12. What you think? Get your shopping list ready because hopefully a discount in the market is coming but I don't know of course.

Charles Watts says:

Is the FED the majority share holder for any of these companies? If so, does that give them ANY special controls into those companies? Do they get to vote on executives?

vincent parlante says:

Yes , I also feel that we the People ….. correction… the sheeple of the U.S. are for many ?? Brain dead…cause over the past 3-4 decades have technology over take a number of jobs. Artificial intelligence, robots and Autonomous technologies are little by little choking the human race out of jobs…. sure we are all seeing that of driverless cars and in the ecommerce industry. A third of this nation's work pool in by some accounts will be gone in as little as 10 – 15 years… and with our current weak consumer spending from just this past January 2018 things I feel are only going to be very, very bad and it's going to us all by surprise when it does the market flops sinks ….crashes…

Todd Schultz says:

Their Hands aren’t in the sand , their mouths are full of Cock and Ball

wayne mcclory says:

Thanks David, soon everything will be priced in Gold. After March 26 .

wayne mcclory says:

If you can’t handle the truth stick your head in the ground.

Antony Stringfellow says:

Absolutely no comparison. The tech boom was almost entirely hot air. Most of the companies being traded weren't doing business – they had neither customers nor any assets – just an idea. Today we have many tech companies making billions of dollars per year. Just no comparison at all.

real eyes realize real shite says:

Stop fucking repeating content.

a64750 says:

it would be Best to get in 2009 but get out before Feb 2018. doh! This is a perma-bear as in never change sides.

Nick Morana says:

You can't dismiss the funds which pretend to hold large amounts of High Tech stocks.

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