This Penny Stock “Capitulated” and ONLY Has Upside From Here

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Now May Be a Great Time to Buy this Penny Stock


When any type of stock, whether a penny stock or otherwise, capitulates, it almost ensures that there will be no more downside to the shares.

When shareholders are just dumping an investment en masse, it pushes the shares down into highly undervalued territory. That is a form of, “blood on the streets” and when there is blood in the streets, there is money to be made.

When any penny stock or even blue chip shares suffer capitulation, the shareholders don’t even care what amount they could get for the shares. Rather, they just want to sell them, or trade their way out, no matter what.

When many (most) shareholders all; capitulate at once, it sets off a technical decline, which leaves the shares in heavily undervalued levels (thus making for compelling value for new investor dollars).

Video about candlestick trading charts:

Articles about capitulation in penny stocks:


driftczar says:

Great video and thanks for the links to the additional articles! I recently learned about a few traders who took advantage of the sell off "mania" and bought shares at a great price and ended up selling just a few days later for 50 to 100 percent profit. I think the info in this video goes really well with the video where you talked about how much more important the buy price is than the sell price when investing. I'm learning a lot from your channel and website , keep them coming !! ??

Luis Francis says:

Peter, thanks for the information… How does one get the "RLI" of a company??

K Sully says:

What would be the best way to go about investing in Silver. Would it be better to buy it physically or invest in a company like ASM? Also if buying physically, what's the best way to do that? Thanks again Peter, love your videos!

dean slagle says:

hey peter what happened to PLATINUM GROUP METALS LTD got in at 1.30 just got out a .51 what happened?

NavShay says:

Dear Peter, thanks for the video. What do you think about their secondary offering? That would dilute the shares.

­ ­ says:

Go over $PLG

Joe Davis says:

Thanks for the video. It seems that ASM moved down just after earnings and then a further leg down a day later when they announced a share offering (the one I'm more concerned with). Do you feel your opinion still holds with the dilution of shares?

l jess says:

ASM has a deal with Samsung


Awesome advice bro thnx

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