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I need to tell you about this trading tool that’s changed my life … I use it every day.

No matter who you are, where you live, or what type of trading you do, this tool can help you in your trades.

This software makes it easier to research stocks with over 40 built-in scans. You can use it to plan trades, make watchlists, and trade from multiple brokerage accounts.

This user-friendly platform scans news from multiple outlets, SEC filings, charts … you can even use it to paper trade.

Too many traders lose. They just don’t prepare. Don’t become a statistic! Learn to prepare and take advantage of tools like this.

You can’t cheat your way to success. You need to put in the work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be smarter in how you work …

Learn how to lose small and take small gains. Use technology wisely. Learn how to prepare a watchlist and a trading plan.

This tool won’t make you rich, but it can speed up your learning. It helps you find relevant news and stocks that fit your strategy. It gives you access to over 40 scans every day.

Everyone wants me to give them a cheat sheet to success. This is it. I’m giving you education — it’s up to you to make the most of it.

Learn now why my top students use this tool!

What trading tools do you use? Do you use Stockstotrade? Leave a comment below. I love to hear from you.

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MASERATI 2 says:

Im a noob really dont know nothing about pennystock an tim were do i start

Jordan Reed says:

You know what’s funny, hours later I’m doing my homework and I find myself watching the same video again that I’ve seen 2X before in HTMM dvd, it’s all good though, I find myself really understanding the lesson more and more every time that I watch it.

— Jordan Reed

Jordan Reed says:

It’s aggravating that Traders check list part Duex is only in parts for prime members Tim -.- all good though I finally have access to the over 5000!!!!!! Video lessons on profitly , swallowed my pride and paid 150$ for the month, I study 4 hours a day and more on Weekends

– look forward to the interview

—— Jordan Reed

Hossam Atta says:

To everyone who are interested in a $14000 Funded Trading account+Trading course, NOW you can sign up & receive a 20% off (Limited Time) Basically you are paying $500 ($399 w link above), and are given $14000 Trading Account with a $700 max loss. No PDT

Iris lali says:

I've used a few times and loved it.I'm actually getting the annual subscrition this month Tim.

Probing One says:

A former user of STT and when click by click user tutorials how to set up these 40 prebuilt scans and use them are in place for subscribers, I will come back.

Róbert Nagy says:

én király vagyok már most is :))) tökéletesen megtanitottam a ceonak és a szarrágokanak mint ti a jogdijam változatlan :)))))

DavidJiang2nd says:

It is a little buggy but i'm sure they are working on updates. End of the line it gives me a huge edge I will not have without it so that is why I recommend it 100%

octupix says:

Hi Tim, i just saw you interviewed by Steve Harvey in a Facebook advert. Great and exciting story. I wanted to sign up, but just to be sure, can you confirm if this is from you: Thank you

Codi Last says:

$180 a month or $1900 a year?!

Global Videos says:

pay money money money moneyyyy to get this tool!

Annihilate3275 says:

lol so where's the tool?

Frank says:

Wait a second. Isn't this queer motherfucker one of the biggest fucking con artists around these days???

Ra Vo says: for Dvds heavy discounted

Anton Wilson says:

STT is really perfect for beginners. Been paper trading since September. Everything you need all in one software, I highly recommend. Shot out to Tim and his team, Jamil is a fucking beast!! Thank you guys for all of your hard work ???

Jowil dsouza says:

This one's crazyyy

Arthur Takhmizyan says:

Is Stocks to trade better than trade ideas ? Why or why not please !

The Big Athur sihotang God Bless. wong batak says:

How about us as Asian. Can we use it if we trade in Asian stock?

Alex Garcia says:

Thanks tim tomorrow will be my first day trading whole day….I have be studyng alot and i will keep doing,,and today i am going to have stocktotrsde, and i will a pro too..

WisdomInWander says:

I'll be getting stockstotrade within the next couple weeks. Planning on joining and pennystockingsilver this coming week.

Havent seen anything close to what STT offers.

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