This Weeks Idea: Nasdaq 100 Trade Follow-up

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This Weeks Idea is a follow up to last weeks Nasdaq 100 bearish idea. Joshua Martinez gives insight on the Nasdaq 100 showing early signs of a bearish trend, which could cause a major reversal. Depending where the market closes, on the current trend line, we can expect the market to fall close to 1000 ticks towards the previous support level

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Des Jackson says:

Thanks Josh!! Following you on trading view and Youtube!! Thank you for giving out VALUE!!

Abdi Ali says:

Thank you for everything

thabiso abel says:

josh please show us the way to find you…i love how you analyze nasdaq100

shukri mahadi says:

thanks Josh

Jim Currier says:

Josh…. Love what you are doing very informative …. I was not able to find you on Trading like previous post I could not find a way to search by name

Marcos Rubio says:

Nasdaq conitnous his UP…. 8.100

jeff jeansonne says:

josh i coulding find you on trading view i didnt see a way to search for a person

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