This Will Make The Stock Market Crash 30% OR MORE In 2019 – What Happened In The Stock Market Today

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This is not an exaggeration or hyperbole. I am also only saying this because this has already happened before in the last 10 years because of the exact same reason. I go over what happened in the stock market today, but focus on the main piece of stock news that clearly paints the picture for a crash and a healthy 30% or more decline is asset values. I go over why I feel this way and it boils down to the news today from the credit rating Firm Fitch, which warned of a possible downgrade to U.S. AAA credit rating if shutdown persists. I talked about this before in this video and why this could be a big black swan investors missed:

All in all, I know this may sound a little crazy but I encourage you all to look up and understand the history about this. If you just want o read the title an jump to conclusions, simple look up 2011 U.S. Downgrade first and look at what happened to the stock market that day.

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a64750 says:

used to be Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Money Maven says:

except i doubt they will downgrade. Too much at risk to downgrade. The credit agencies don't rate things based on reality. Just like in the big short they keep good ratings on crap.

Eric J says:

Cool bro, now i dnt feel so bad

Ashleigh Shim says:

according to ABC news: current partial shutdown (20 days) = $1.2 bil economic losses each week, 2013 shutdown (16 days) = $2.6 bil loss per week, 1995/96 shutdown (27 days) = $1.4 bil cost to pay back workers

Adeles Toy Reviews says:

everyone is thinking market will crash…. maybe…

DividendWarrior says:

Bezos divorce!

miguelisms says:

But the government never shutdown in 2011.

THE GAME says:

The crash will be monday after all fed employees dont get their checks saturday to pay their bills. Over 80% of population live paycheck to paycheck. That includes fed employees

add juan_andrade7 says:

1:28 start
1:53 black swan, US credit downgrade
2:47 marketwatch article
3:55 government shutdown effects fundamentals, budget, GDP and money movements
debt ceiling.
4:21 2011 shutdown
5:00 breakdown
7:30 theory. Big Short situation
8:30 article p2
9:40 effect of shutdown + Key Point
10:50 what does it mean?

scottystrading says:

Very likely on the AAA downgrade the Democrats will want this to govt shut down to turn into a shit show so Trump doesn't get re elected. Also you should get a spot on Bloomberg the realism is what more people need to see ?

mrjoefly1 says:

This December crash looks more and more like a wash out. New high are coming for the market. Don't bet against guy who can just print money.

fernando oregel says:

Bro just look at futures after market we falling

Oliver Rios says:

It's not crazy at all. Extremely similar to Reagans recession in the 80s. His default that turned into recession started over defense apending( what I thought trump would do). Check out George Soros book called alchemy of finance. Chapter Reagans imperial circle. You'll see the parallels ?

jamesb7777a says:

I thank you sir for your honesty in admitting you lost money on those puts, this is a breath of fresh air with most other youtube stock gurus claiming they make huge money every day and call everything just right.. love this channel.

Jose Garcia says:

news should only be used like never,especially in OPTIONS…………..I never go off news ever…………..

Crypto Daws says:

I owe shares and I being using options to hedge and amplify gains. And recently we have been shooting up so I’m selling shares rn and buying puts.

Andrew Ugolini says:

Also, this is from August 2011. Look at Aug2nd – Aug8th on the SPY. Aug2nd they were raising the debt ceiling. Threw away months of gains over a couple of days..

Jeff Lovejoy says:

The current shutdown is the desensitizing of the American people to the coming pension bankruptcies and defaults, and includes the coming government default on Social Security and Welfare programs.

The lowering of the government credit rating on Augusts 5, 2011 was just the revulsion of the credit markets to the out-of-control, freakish behavior of the drama junkies running our fully-dysfunctional and reckless U.S. government.

Look at how bad things have gotten since 2011. And nothing has changed. The world has become, if not inured to the follies of the U.S. government, then just as desensitized as the American people to the insanity of an exploding (exponentially) U.S. debt.

Fitch and the other credit rating agencies could lower the value of the unpayable U.S. debt to zero and it wouldn't matter. The U.S. is already a Banana Republic and a Third World Country. See a run on expensive sunglasses favored by two-bit dictators and despots? No.

Like most insane people, insane governments and financial systems will go on until they show up at a local AM PM, crying uncontrollably, while shaving their head in public.

Andrew Ugolini says:

just found this article. There have been concerns with Apple and China since August 2015, if not earlier. The concern was if smartphones from apple had been starting to peak. Yen been doing shit, economy probably not in the position to grow iphone sales. August 2015 investors might have been right.

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