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Today we talk about what will trigger the next financial crisis and stock market crash scenario. The next stock market crash and financial crisis could be worse than the 2008 financial meltdown.
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Kay Realist says:

I love stock market corrections in all magnitudes. Opportunities galore.

Gregory Burcz says:

Disagree with you on the automotive industry, I live in Detroit and grew up in metro Detroit my whole life and the auto industry survived a lot of adversity during the financial crisis and before then. When foreign companies entered the industry in the 70s it definitely hurt the big three and left many people out of work especially in Flint, Pontiac and other cities with big plants but the big three survived. I don't think Tesla is going to run the big three into the ground. Tesla is doing great things but one company isn't going to defeat the entire auto industry, including the big three. Especially when Ford and GM are investing a shit ton in the autopilot technology, even though it's been kinda hush hush on their progress. Anyways, I think Tesla is good competition and going to promote technology growth in this sector among all the auto companies and not going to run the rest into the ground.

BonadanAlloy says:

They're FUCKIN DONE lol love it

Eva Daniel says:

Interesting opinion; you never talk about biopharmaceutical stocks and companies. P.S. I did just buy a Tesla X last Friday ; )

Satish Vemuri says:

As usual, they will blame the poor and immigrants!!

Russell Scott says:

When has innovation triggered a real crash that affected everyone? I can't think of an example. But I can think of plenty of examples where people's irrational exuberance has triggered crashes.

Are you being irrationally exuberant concerning Amazon and Tesla?

Tatanka says:

K-mart closed

Caleb Block says:

Fuckin' done like a turkey

James Gillis says:

very good video. Also consider that the millions of retail employees who will lose their job also make a up a large chunk of the 1.5 trillion in student loan debt. Once these individuals are out of a job they will probably default on these loans which could result in a crash worst than '09

Steven Upton says:

is nt there always a pareto effect on startups?

daniel abato says:

very cool guy fun to watch thx 4 making vids

Jawa Productions says:

Ok I understand the problem here but let's say in the next five years this all happens. Would an extreme welfare reform fix this problem? Like if you were to make it so without work you would be forced to rely on others wouldn't this create a huge incentive to work and find work at smaller businesses. The smaller business could then pay minimum or less and hire people. Overall what I'm getting at is, would a welfare reform help balance out this problem if it were to occur. Because let's be honest you can do very well in the US without a whole lot of money, I mean you can teach your self a new job within a week. So would it work?

Learnzz says:

Pogo cam is the new better gopro

Julian Castro says:

Jeremy how come you never answer your emails says:

I totally agree with you however i do see a lot of people making a living off there own talents like youtube for instance, we are in the information age and knowledge is income!

Larry Schro says:

Tesla is not taking over the game… Gas is still inexpensive here in Ohio and people just aren't spending the money it takes to buy a Tesla. The big 3 are not going to let Tesla take over… it's just not going to happen. NO WAY!!

Raanan Simand says:

I am VERY surprised you did not mention the student debt bubble we have going on in our country. Those loans are also being put into bonds and there is a surplus in undergraduate degrees accompanied with underemployment. Furthermore, college tuition rates increase dramatically every year. I think the student debt bubble in and of itself is enough to cause a financial crisis. What's even more interesting, is that Moody's the rating agency was at 73/share and dramatically increased their revenue before they dropped in the 2008 recession (when they were rating worthless CDO's) and now they are at an all time high of 125/share. Their revenue has also dramatically increased similarly to before. I wonder what's causing this increase? If everything that you are saying is valid accompanied with a growing population of student debt, I think we will be hitting pretty difficult economic times in the near future.

Damian Santacruz says:

Make sense, Its logic. But Also It would be massive Jobs in DHL, Ups,etc. The markets change, and People should be ready for next big business. Agriculture, sustainable meat exploitations, technology, etc

Ryan Scribner says:

Fantastic video I wish I could like it twice! I laughed every time I heard your son in the background, sounds like he wants to get in on your channel!

maximdelate says:

Great video!
Wallmart's P/E is just crazy atm, with an average of 20.
This quarter, we already see the earnings are slowing down.
There will be a quarter where this will be very bad, and stocks will crash?
I don't believe in a crash for political reasons, but I see more a crash because of bad overall earnings.

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