Thoughts During My Morning Run In Turks & Caicos

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As I’m celebrating my 10 year anniversary teaching, life is pretty crazy now as I have so many people messaging me daily to become my next millionaire student and I’m traveling all over the world doing charity work while giving local charities greatly needed exposure…build the life of your dreams and always be real about EVERYTHING!


J A H Z says:

Keep showing ur life man, makes me want to get it for myself

SpartaTek9 says:

<<<"I like you Being Real….TIM"…1LOVE!>>>

Daniel Stroup says:

I like you being real….do more!!

Larry B says:

I like you being real!

Shaquille Banton says:

I like you being realll

lombardo141 says:

I guess you trying to recruit new students. But I prefer your trading videos dude. But whatever it takes I guess to further you. Gj

Alan Cedillo says:

Been trading for a while now I wanna learn more. Need one of your online dvds. Which one should I start off with?

Touché Garcia says:

I like yah being real!

trevor clarke says:

Hi Tim we met in Vegas 2015
I know your real lol

Carlos Andujar says:

Is it like you said Tim a lot of people wish to be there but they don't work hard to get there. And for me I see myself there as well so I am working hard and dedicated to make it happen

ngethe kinyanjui says:

i like that you are real.

niolapinkable says:

I like you being real👍😉

Rufus Tangen says:

I like you being real!!

DriftingSpore92 says:

I like you being real!! just started trading myself actually. definitely going to check your website and tips

trxckstvr says:

youre so 100 !!

Francisco D'anconia says:

These are my favorite videos Tim, just like the time your Ferrari broke down, and the 2017 update video you did. Those are the most inspiring for me because you say it like it is and you don't bullshit. There is so much bullshit in the world and in this industry it makes me sick, and you are like a drop of holy water to my thirst for the real

Carlos Alfonso says:

I like you been real! Thanks for inspiring us all the time, you deserve all your success and more! Thanks Tim!

Pang Houa Yang-Yip says:

I like u being real!

JJ Malvarez says:

Hey Tim not only I like that you are REAL, but is one of your BEST attributes…BTW good job in that BURST run. That's the way to do it…Although I would recommend you do it on the flatter part of the sand. The incline could hurt your knees, hips and back. I will TRADE my 17 years of experience as a Personal Trainer for you to be my Trader Yoda Master…I will get you back in shape including improving your relationship with food…Be well and stay on it!!!

Jacqueline Cook says:

I like you being REAL…I LOVE this beach

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