Three explanations to the recent market selloff

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Dan Mitchell, Center for Freedom and Prosperity co-founder, on what could have caused the recent market selloff.


rajandran beney says:

it can go up now, but how about people who lost money. you reap the money using the feds and then pump in to show evrything is fine . it is not. nobody likes to invest in america the last 10 years, because of this fed system. it doesnt go along with investers. trump is like obama. act blurr and make incompetent sit there for him to play the media. or he is the blind president. dont know what is coming from his own people.

rajandran beney says:

blind trump that is the explanation. invest in china dont invest in america. you are safe. a lot of americans who open companoes and invest in china are comfortably sitting down since the last american business shit.

Lasno Haja says:

Trump US-China Trade War start affecting American stock market ? US adversary Finance Artificial intelligence at work.

Randy Smith says:

Why don't you have George Soros on to explain it?

Fran Tackle says:

Only reason is the dems convincing almost all women to go on a pms filled rage against all American values and gods law. trump 2020 got my dancing shoes on

john smith says:

Here is a 4th explanation, Fed tax increases + co ordinated sell offs (which are also taking profits) = sharp downturn in market. One month after midterms buy same stock back at a lower price. Co incidentally…timing?

Jay M says:

Governments allowing banks to printing money out of thin air (in part to cover ever increasing gov debt)
creates market distortions that end badly with the price being paid by the average worker.

Vincent Blanchard says:

Could it be that WS being very happy about Trump's policies decided to give a taste to voters about what Democrats stopping it all would feel like (401Ks) if they took control of the house or the senate in november? Thinking about it, USMCA and further advances on the international scene and in the US will produce more growth in the near future. That's something WS looks at and knows. Same thing with the Fed, they are putting the market in a position where politica risk is killing the economy. If markets are forward looking, and they are, I'm confident Trump is too. After all is a Wharton grad isn't he? Let Dems go nuts and show off their crazy mobs and sound crazier with their rhetoric. People vote with their wallet and are afraid of mobs.

dm 34280 says:

The cheap money ride is over.

Nell philpott says:

With a good driver like Trump, we will not crash. With Schumer and Pelosi in charge, we will swerve and crash. For the latter, ideology and power come first and people
last, just like the EU.

great outdoors says:

The country is being led by an insane madman

Leon Degrelle ϟϟ says:

American economy is a dead. Trump put the final nail in the coffin.
For years the american subhumans (boomers/generation X) living with loans (debts) and now asking from the young americans to pay those debts! ahahahahaha Yeah sure!
! It is more likely the young Americans to immigrate here in Europe or China/Russia from staying in JEWSA just to suffer.

Ben Chong says:

I'm surprised that Trump and team did not blame China for this crash. Suddenly, nobody knows what's going on. It's retaliation from the world, my friends. Nobody wants to loan USA anymore. That's why treasury yield was rising till a manipulation sets in. Nobody is going to buy that USD250 billion treasury this week.

D Storm says:

Democrats had no problem with debt when Obama added 9 trillion…

Stan M says:

Less Trade TRUMP ! Higher prices TRUMP, much more debt TRUMP…1,2,3

Stan Dupp says:

End the FED NOW!!!

Curtis Martin says:

Im selling everything putting my USD in NOK

eagle team says:

How was it when Obama was president, ????.
& how would it be if that bitch was president ?
You fuckwads !!!!
Trump. Wins 100%%%%

Walter Palmer says:

Smell a rat ??

Chris Gray says:

I will still have my business and employees tomorrow. Fear mongering is so midterm related. There must be a correction to this market, it is to high.

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