Three Men Make The Same 2016 Prediction That’s Already Happening! You Won’t Believe What’s Said

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brandye burke says:

Sell stocks ? Cash out now?

dace villen says:

people are nutz…..I still have all my guns…. Obama is a true hero…

montyp1369 says:

will you please do your broadcast in a bikini? Just once? If it's the end of the world let's have a little fun.

Richard McGuire says:

Why do you need funding to turn on a camera and upload it to YouTube?

Anthony James says:

no offense but this is the oldest thing .. even older than the comets and the dead fish on the beaches.

Dee Jay says:

wow 1500 whackjobs liked this video lmfao

Anne Preston says:

19 trillion in debt…. are you saving currency grade gold by the gram because your paper money will have NO value when the crash comes??

Riki Cooper says:

Not so much civil war as huge middle east war and draft reintroduced

Mark Lloyd says:

The crash of 2008 is where the canary in the coal mine died, they picked it up and fluffed up the feathers and told you it was still alive while they played tweets to convince you more. Apparently you all bought it and can't see the canary is dead! They'll keep up the act as long as you all buy it and apparently you all still believe their economics are not fictitious. Lies. All their economics and currency is fictitious!

Dave Henderson says:

the elite can not continue to make the BILLIONS if the US population is very small. This could be in other countries but I would really doubt this as the elites are a world wide infrastructure… With hundreds of millions of guns in the US homes I don't see it happening here but many other countries have had guns out of the peoples hands for generations. Places like Mexico, UK and other Euro nations. They have accepted the fact and grew up there way, not so here. The military will only do so much as they will sense what the real issues are very soon in confications, so depopulation in the US would most likily start with some power grid issue… and american's killing each other in the process. Again I can't personally see somethign like this happening, we have plenty of oil here now with fracking… this will be enough to become self sufficient for many years. We will most likely be in our own world here in the US, when you start to see over seas elites coming in here in droves then you know shit is going to happen and large numbers of our military troops from Euro nations back home. The middle east wars will no doubt continue, as this is how these contractors make a living… This only makes sense to me with the Iran nuke deal Obama did… it will only take one of these countries dropping one to generate more… Russia and China will mop up the left overs for themselves…

worsethan oj (worsethanoj) says:

That's a self fulfilling prophecy. Anybody paying attention can tell you what's about to happen. Matter of fact Ron Paul is saying the same thing and he has yet to be wrong.

Mr2pint says:

2018 – the next two years are prep time for ruling elite get ready for 2018..

Navy XA says:

x3 men, PLUS the rest of the wold?…LOL
This woman is an idiot!….and probably legal retarded if she didn't know these facts?..

Thomas Leather says:

Luckily my soul has been saved by our lord Bigfoot, roam on gentle giant, roam on…the devil (illuminati) only has one eye, let's make that motherfucker blind and laugh when he runs into walls like a dickhead

Salp HAPPY says:

that's not news bunny  everybody saying this. very likely will happen ,

Watson Clerk says:

I can't help thinking, you're not making the most out of that huge room.

Megan Williams says:

The market rises and falls. That is the normal rhythm. What these guys are doing, is talking the market down…a self fulfilling prophesy. Facts and Economics? ROFLOL.

dljc1979 says:

Is that an office room she is in? da fuq?

Jeff Lennan says:

How could you leave out PETER SCHIFF! He is the one who predicted the 2008 housing and market crash when everyone thought he was out of his mind, including Dave Ramsey who called him names months before the cards came down!


Oh my 3 men sad so! K!? We know what is coming but thanks for your input

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