Tim Grittani and Michael Hudson Cannabis Stocks Sector

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Cannabis stocks are hot right now — and you need to know how to take advantage of them.

Two of my students have been trading this sector actively and are here to share their wisdom with you.

Tim Grittani is one of my top students. He’s made over $6 million.*

He talks about the cannabis sector correlation with news, Canada legalization, and what he looks for in this sector. His advice: It’s important to look at additional details of companies, as not all companies apply to the sector.

Michael Hudson is one of my newest six-figure students. He just graduated college and already made over $100,000.*

He’s passionate about the marijuana sector, and discusses why stocks explode exponentially, sector momentum, volatility, profits, and how he uses pennystocking patterns to his advantage.

Remember, there are big, crazy run-ups out there waiting for you … but beware of the fundamentals!

What do you look for when trading the cannabis sector? Leave a comment below.


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Matt Santillanes says:

This video would have helped when it was actually recorded. lol

Deontia Andrews says:

Great lesson

Mike OBrien says:

Thanks Tim! Awesome video:)

Nick says:

Tim G. is such an inspiration to me!! A giant!!

Luc Neesby says:

"Buy the rumor, sell the news"

Omar Elias says:

Up here in Canada we are having difficulties meeting the demand of the public..does that not tell You that long term growth will almost be guaranteed? The dilution we see is the larger companies buying up all of the smaller companies ..

Investing Hustler says:

Great advice and 100% accurate. Just happened to the Canadian market !

Eric Miller says:

does anyone here watch money map press? these guys are experts on stocks

Eric Miller says:

tim what is the best sector i should trade? cannibus or energy oil stocks?

Ali Yusuf says:

Great points until he said he wasn't sure if the big names in cannabis were going to make money. That's one of those obvious speculations, that you can't prove, but know with almost 100% certainty that it is true. Like taking your 401k, all of your savings, and buying CGC in 2016. This was no brainer, but because you couldn't quite quantify why it was obvious, few did this. As Canadians, we all knew CGC was a no brainer, because we knew Trudeau was going to legalize.

Serge Mal says:

I can honestly say I’ve learnt a lot so far just from watching your videos and reading “The Complete Penny Stock Course”. Indirectly I’m your student and really look forward to meeting you one day

TheBigZ says:

What are some of the cannabis companies who have done well beside the one that was discussed

Ernesto Zavala says:

Any advice for a part time trader. I’m about to start a new job and still in school. I know I’ll have to go part time and probably do overnight trades. Any tips or advice?

Aleksandar Terzic says:


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