Tim Sykes Exposed

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Tim Sykes Exposed- This video was made in response to Tim Sykes recent video where he says many traders are cons. I was unhappy with some of the comments Tim made in hi video so I decided to make this video.

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boney clement says:

Bro go to gym

Chris Obber says:

Well, in case Tim makes a "Trading with Flash" Exposed video (he won't – successful people have better stuff to do with their time) then at least you know that there are people behind the camera and not just some cheap tripods…

Crypto Jonate says:

IMAO, you're done already. I was waiting for some proof, man. Ohh, God!

agengo shadrack says:

First of all, wasted 3:50 mins of my time. You are trash. Do you expect every student taking part in Tim's challenge to be a millionaire, is that how life works?? Of importance is that their accounts grow from the knowledge they get. If you can't beat him,arrange to have him beaten but this style you're employing is weak you BOZO.

Byronfern S says:

Can you do a video on how to lose weight?

Austin Greczyn says:

Your wack, trash, thats why you probably don't have half the net worth, probably not even half the student he has and all your commissions go back to Ireland. Success is in the person. Someone can give you all the tools in the world but if your not using them properly people like you have the mentality to blame others. Stop trying to sell your stuff by putting legit people in your titles you feign.

Daniel Jewett says:

Tim even admits that you probably won't make 6 or 7 figures but that does not mean you won't make any profit at all. Tim is solid..let me see your millionaire students.

Kurt Dehnert says:

Actually curious because I'm planning on starting and have been accept to his program. Why is he a con? Have you gone through with his program? What about his program do you think makes it rubbish?

Monsalve Arcila says:


Carl Azbell Dallas Real Estate Mentor says:

I traded for 6 months with Tim Sykes and then posted my results which was a major loss by following all of his trades. When I posted the video proof of all my daily trades which he made and I followed he sent me a letter threatening to sue me. You’ll get the same letter shortly after posting this video that’s his method for keeping bad press away.

Marty says:

you sound dumb

the troll says:


Maitrayan Ghosh Roy says:

Bro can you give some proof, you are just throwing some of your personal openion

Devin Machowicz says:

A guy that has nothing established , has not been on any major TV shows or has any training course or even students calling a multi millionaire that has thousands of students and shows both his wins and losses to us and has a training course and been on countless TV shows and magazines and has traveled more of the world then anyone else in the world. This guy is a joke!

Jack Hidetun says:

Your both ugly inside and out. Tim Sykes is a real guy with real statements

Shad S. says:

No arguments at all!

Josh Stevak says:

Now that I've seen this whole video I apologize. I was being a little to nice, you're straight retarded!!! I hope no one believe this dumb fuck because he's full of shit. ANYONE who thinks Tim Sykes is a scam or a fake obviously hasn't had any real success from trading penny stocks

Josh Stevak says:

this dude has no idea what he's talking about. You dumb as hell Tim Sykes is the realest trader out there, lets see every single one of your trades pal

David Correa says:

I'm living proof of being a succesful Tim student. Hater continue to hate lol

kalica yeun says:

You are so shit man

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