Tim Sykes makes $12,000 Profit – Roosevelt Hotel Penthouse

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Tim Sykes makes $12,000 Profit – Roosevelt Hotel Penthouse

***Learn from Tim Sykes NOW! http://bit.ly/1yPSMCM

Self-made multi-millionaire trader Timothy Sykes mentors investors and traders. Famously best known for turning his bar mitzvah money into over $1 million by day trading in-between classes at Tulane University.

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Tim Sykes makes $12,000 Profit – Roosevelt Hotel Penthouse


Revolt Movement says:

Lol. A, you learned im a badass…

TheLazyOne says:

tim you have inspired me to get into stocks. luckly for me I have the best connection. My dad is a broker and has been for very very long time so that helps me out for advice whenever I need it and I know I can trust him. I also buy stocks from him as well.

cheezle land says:

for number one, it will take me 10years to learn whatever the hell he's doing on line to make millions!! 🙁

Fatha Truth says:

What is the gauge for determining a stock to be shorted?

yashiramarrero21 says:

I hate him, it would take me over six months to make that uggggg so frustrating but good for him I would love to learn how to do this.

Nick Beedham says:

How much did you have to have to get the 12k profit ?

ThatXoneXguy says:

he still ugly af tho lmao

Nomanz Land says:

lmfao these retards who think a few hundered students who go into a stock could make him any significant amount of profit are just completely moronic and clueless in the world of finance.

jack boba says:

you staying in a hotel with 5000 for one day and you made 12000 profit… redeemed..

gman says:

Is it good to buy the same stock more than once?


In the paired alternatives industry there are 100's of merchants now and they couldn't even discover one EU controlled merchant to cooperate with?! Regardless of the possibility that the product was fruitful, and its not taking into account the input we get through Guard dog Grievance Center, dealers are still stayed with an unregulated, unpleasant agent regardless of the fact that they wind up handicapping the product.

Shawn Michael-Reaaltor Claros says:

ill say thank you now for the future profits i will make with you. THANK YOU

gavin Valverde says:

I don't understand why your happy that it is collapsing

V Sanders says:

Hey man, what real time trading platform do you utilize? The black colorful browser is suggested for fellow trader? Any input on most accurate trading platform ?

eeklypse says:

Geez the amount of jealous people is incredible… "Tim Sykes is a scam" "Tim Sykes sells signals"…
Some guy has success making money and suddenly everyone becomes fucking Warren Buffett in here…

Even if he did sell signals, selling signals DOES NOT affect the market much or even at all, majority of the market movement are by big banks with 100's of billions of dollars and you think 1000+ traders are going to affect the market? I have the feeling a lot of the people commenting negative shit are either the ones that have been training a demo account for 2-3 months and suddenly feel they are Bill Lipschutz now or the ones that fail to make money in the market so they try to pull down the guy that found some success…

Dany Nisk says:

He stole my grandmother money

DetroitRion says:

If this guy could make the money he did trading, than he wouldn't be "teaching" in the first place. This guy is a penny stock promoter who couldn't stay in places like this without scamming idiots who believe they can "git rech qick". If you want to make real money, you have to put in the work studying real stocks and investing.

You follow this guys plan and you'll be more broke than when you started.

Fit freak says:

goes to show that money and sex is life , marriage and religion is not!

Fit freak says:

too bad there is no heaven and hell

Benjamin Howell says:

Oprah is a stock promoter. She kept spamming her Twitter and every single news channel that she bought lots of weight watchers stock. The stock rose more than 100% I think. It then crashed earlier in 2016.

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