Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge Review: How To Turn $4,000 Into $300,000+

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Go apply at http://tim.ly/sykesmc to be my next six-figure and millionaire student, as we have SO many resources like live webinars and Q&A sessions to help you learn and grow your account…but as Roland explains, be ready to study hard because we can provide the education for you, but it’s up to you to study the material and put it into practice to grow your account exponentially!


jala dana says:

This is a kind of testimonial we need as MM student. Please Tim, have time to arrange another student with similar questions.

Kent Sadler says:

I want access to the webinars, Q&A sessions, STT, profitly, babes, cars, and Roland Wolf (But Steven Dux is my fav)

Charles Baxter says:

Congrat's Mate, The World is your now…Go for it!

Terry Tabosa says:

Congrats Roland

iceplanetRC says:

I will start trading next month. Wish me luck. Tim's How To Make Millions DVD is great btw.

Stock Trader says:

Hi Timothy, I assume that once accepted into the program, we will receive a funded account to trade with correct? How much will the account start with? Also, do you receive a percentage of the profits that I will make? I researched another trading class called Trade Net and they give students a funded account but take 10% of the profits. I wouldn't mind if I have to give some profits to you especially if I could make as much as some of your students!

Barbaraann says:

congrats Roland Wolf I'm so happy for you. Tim does respond all the time .

ragedmaximus says:

Hi TIM SYKES, This question is for you only. I know your living the dream now in this life, money women cars mansions but do you ever think about ETERNITY?????? THIS LIFE IS SHORT , REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE 18 like a few years ago??? JESUS CHRIST is the only way to GOD and heaven. I pray you give your life to him one day. all have fallen short but the gift of life is JESUS . JOHN 3:16. this message is for the whole world but for today this is for you.

Donne Sids says:

Hey Tim, I'm 21 years old and in 2 years I'm ending my Israeli military service.
I thinks it's stupid question but I'd still like to ask-
Would you still teach, and be active, in 2 years? Or you'll retire?
Thanks in advance.

Skip1Proprietor says:

I'm in the Millionaire Masters Program! I wish I got live webinars though… That's the Challenge.

Jonathan B says:

You would be hard pressed to find a better brand ambassador than Roland. He projects honesty and integrity, is well spoken, and looks the part of a winner.

Franky Action says:

We in 2018, laptops dont even have CD driver. You have to change that.

Cool Jack says:


Kourtney Kraft says:

Congrats! Nice AZ background, I'm from the east side! Thanks for the video!

William Loppes says:

Roland! I felt wisdom from him, I appreciate!

Poopy Joe says:

I really like this dude. Humble and sincere, not full of himself and arrogant. Seems the type if he had $10 dollars he`d give you $5 of it. Give him a few more months and he`ll be doing webinars and moderating your chatroom Tim haha !!

jeanine davis says:

Congrats again wolfe

kevin flynn says:

So true I’ve talked to time a couple times now it’s really cool

JJ Malvarez says:

Congratulations Roland!!!
You are an inspiration to us that are just getting started and a true testimony of Tim Sykes been THE REAL McCOY!!!

Jeff Buntin says:

This is real. I watch this dude in the chat room almost every day and he's banking BIG bucks. You have to study your a$$ off, but the payoff can be huge.

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