Tim Sykes Teaches How to Trade Pump and Dumps

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ReturnOfTheBlack says:

Haha that rant at around 12:30

Boon Vang says:

What platform is that?

MLP Shawn says:

Hello everyone I want to start doing penny stocks but I'm new this and I have no idea what the heck is penny stock? how it works? how do you make money? I want to learn this because I want future to be good.

Vrat si says:

Sykes. Does He use COVESTOR PLATFORM OR AMERITRADE. I dint like sure trade platform

Pedro Martinez says:

So what does selling short mean?


*and how are you making money when the stock is going down?


What is "being short"?  New to penny stocks

Wes Leonard says:

$AQXP had a similar pattern… loved watching that get crushed at an insanely overpriced $50 to now $19 in a few hours. Wish I had the money to capitalize on these movements but doesn't hurt to continue binge studying until that time comes.

Vikas Choudhary says:

Take me I'm fucking ready

Vikas Choudhary says:

Help me indian penny stock market………..

William Walker says:

you should post yer fail trades as well is gonna make you look human

Fastdounut BF says:

I don't get how to read the level 2's

AlexK9465 says:

Thanks for posting these videos.

Ali Shah says:

what website can i use to buy penny shares? i have been looking for lots and lots of websites but i couldnt find any!!! plz reply!

Wynn says:

My broker isn't allow short under $3.

Ciaran Murray Mac Cárthaigh says:

+Timothy Sykes Love this video, looking forward to watching more. 

Ashley Scott says:

learn from a guru like Tim Sykes, heres my link if you sign up thru my link for the penny stocking silver edition you get the 2nd month free!  heres my link for 1 month FREE! only from penny stock silver  http://profit.ly/guru/timothysykes?aff=5202

Matthew Brown says:

hello, im 15 years old and I want to get into this where do I buy these stocks at ???

shadfurman says:

I'm kicking myself so hard that I didn't find you sooner, when I had more time. I had to cut my sleep back to 6 hours and get a text to speech reader to "read" blogs to study while I drive truck. I'm cutting off my 401k funding matched up to 6% to fund a trading account and pay for yours and Nates programs. I'm glad your willing to teach… And have a talent for being entertaining.

Anyone sayin they don't have a way don't want it bad enough. Tims programs are too expensive?! You can't save $400 but your going to make millions on the stock market? There is no magic pill, you think studying is easier than Savin a few hundred dollars? If you REALLY can't afford a few hundred, I know many have family obligations etc, there's free resources EVERYWHERE. If Tim made his lessons cheaper he'd have a bunch of lazy students whining about crap he already explained and how hard it is and how they're owed easy trades because they payed $50 for a DVD they watched once.

If you want it, make it happen. If you really want it, you'll figure it out.

anthony hunter says:

Thank you Tim you don't know how much I appreciate these videos man.

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