Time For Another Market Crash? Here’s How You’ll Know

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How will you know exactly when we are in a likely bear market for stocks? In this video we explain what the best research seems to indicate.

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John Don says:

You are great thank you for all your content

bitcoiNSA realzz says:

Alessio….its a 1 down 2 up and big 3 coming or a A down B up and were working on the C

Hosam Alobaid says:

Nasdaq almost crash -16% but not close below it yet ..US500 not far…GER30 already close below -16%

Qingb. Lin says:

We're not going into a bear market, just an overextended black Friday…

FM says:

Something to add here; price going down towards 2469, it doesn't mean at the time price hits that target, the probability goes from zero to whatever. As we go down the probability also eventually increases.

America Butler says:

My strong advice as someone who has made some good money from bitcoin is never be discouraged with the current value as this trend presents a very critical and important time for turning in profit. Bitcoin keeps going down and has fallen below the recent support of $4000 and may go down further and find a new support at $3500. This is a serious nosedive from last week’s not-so-prominent $6,300, but even that is looking pretty good by comparison. The great thing about looking at the current trend pattern and reading the news carefully is that bitcoin is at the brink of a reversal and a strong bull run which will trigger a quick rise which could still see bitcoin exceeding $10,000 before the year ends. The smart thing to do now and my advice is to buy as much bitcoin as you can as new assets or buy additional as a hodler but dont stop there. You still have to trade as the market forces currently favors trading and with this strategy, you can easily expand your portfolio while waiting for the very near bull run. A personal example as a summary is myself. I just bought 10btc at $36,702 and by trading most or all of it using a working strategy, i am very sure of making it into at least 30btc before the bull run and when that translates into a minimum of $10,000 per btc, i would rather leave the smart guys to do the math. I also would love to emphasize that you have to be careful in doing this. One person i would refer you seek his advice and guidance is Wesley Wills (wesleywillclinic@gmailcom) . He is someone i have worked with and used his strategies both in bullish and bearish markets and i could say i owe him my success today in the financial markets. His analysis are so sound and that helps him generate very accurate signals which i still use today. You can reach him by the mail address provided and ask him for any assistance you may need as regards cryptocurrency and how to profit as a trader

mike s says:

declaring a bear market after some % drop seems stupid. the 200W MA is exactly where you claim the bear market would be declared and a major trendline as well as the C of a potential ABC and a .5 retracement off a major swing.

Nicolas says:

Thank you for the overview.
With this information in front of us.
What is a recommended approach to avoid being in the market when it officially goes bear.. ?
Where would one place their stop losses and at what %’s?

LEMBAR INFO Inc. says:

Thanks for the (previous) clue, I like the assym projection….,
Still waiting for (and a bit shorting LOL – only very small portion for shorting to try the market confirmation)

Craig Vanantwerp says:

Had friend who did this on his Les Paul maple top. As close to God as I could get.

tabalg1 says:

it went below the 200 day moving average 2 times and didn't rally back up. That's a bearish signal.

Armando Garza says:

Market is crashing!! Dont be fooled people. Bitcoin going down 2K-1K range! Keeping my fingers?

Andre says:

Alessio, I watch all your videos and respect your work, but wait a minute. 4 months ago, when bitcoin was down over 60% your said that it was not a bear market because market structure had not been broken. Now you come and say that a 16% drop would put the S&P500 in a bear market? What criteria did you use to diferentiate both cases? Thank you.

Luis Delgado - Profissional says:

Fantastic… Economy is not only figures… Congrats-

Brandon Kelly Crypto Trader -The Boss of Bitcoin says:

The next market crash will wipe out more than 50 years of artificial growth of a fiat based dollar system. Prepare for the worst – because chances are it will be much much worse than you expect.

Dimitri Anubis says:


Dan Laurentiu says:

USD manipulated. Gold price manipulated, BTC manipulated, whole fucken world is a stage/ a setup/ a fucken PRANK. GO WORK FOR YOUR OWN GARDEN, YOUR OWN WATER, YOUR OWN STUFF AND WE GOT ENOUGH OF THIS FUCKEN SHIT

Życie jak w Madrycie says:

you should split your content

Philipp Drescher says:

That 16% correction doesn't really apply to the crypto market, does it? I just checked last year and some days easily corrected more than 16% and then went up further.

atexascash3502 says:

We are slaves and own absolutely nothing, NOT even what we think are our children. (Tillman vs. Roberts 108 So. 62, Van Koten vs. Van Koten 154 N.E. 146, Senate Document 438 73rd Congress 1st Session, Wynehammer v. People 13 N.Y. REP 378, 481)

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