Timothy Sykes Brings Female Models on CNBC

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This was the last time I was on CNBC, I wonder why? Businessweek speculated here http://tim.ly/timweek I was nervous, c’mon give me a break, I’m sorry! Just trying to make the stock market/finance a little more entertaining 🙂


Vincent Masuck says:

hahaha! nice entertainment by you Tim

Derek Temple says:

I think it went really well! CNBC is not allowed to have fun I guess. You exceeded the fun levels Tim.

Robert McCullough says:

Hey Tim,I heard you don't like driving your Lmabo,so sell the farm tractor and buy yourself something nice.Here in Fort Lauderdale/Pompano we have Ferrari dealership,Lotus dealership and if you lookaround you might find a nice Bentley.Spring break is off the wall on A1A(near the Elbo room) and Los Olas.Lots of beauties.

superbarnie says:

I don't understand. Why is he showing the multi-year charts.. I thought most of his trades only last a few hours to a few days.

Kevin Law says:

Promiscuous my ass. I can't stand feminists.

Pot Stocks says:

Lol you're the man, Tim!

Girolamo Aloe says:

Yeaahh! Funny Video 😀 :D

Chris H says:

Beautiful charts 

Eric Mitts says:

Love this Tim!!! Hilarious. You can tell they are pissed you brought the models on hahaha

YESAZ says:

Tim, you're still having too much fun! Your haters hate you more every day … fun huh?

The2005rwb says:

Wow, you made a mockery of CNBC. xD

Kunightly says:

lol tim ..

amerarbih says:

I'm not hating but that's pretty beta

Maestro Boss says:

Don't think CNBC enjoyed that exposing the shitty old apples and googles 

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