timothy sykes exposed

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Exposing Timothy Sykes and his scummy trading methods…


Penny Stock Wolf says:

It's obvious you have no clue what you're talking about. Stick to making videos about Amazon.

dylan Williams says:

Such a lie you know nothing about tim

Isaiah Aragon says:

haaaaahaha great evidence; way to expose someone really well! you probably live under a rock too. I'm a subscriber to Tim Sykes and let me tell you…Tim's strategies work and the guy's really sincere apart from him being kind of cocky and dorky. You should subscribe to his newsletters and subscriptions. It might change your life around.

Ben jones says:

show me proof that he buys the stocks weeks before his students do? probably can't

Volition Trader says:

Tim is real and his strategies work. I've made money using his strategy that I've studied for 2 years.. I'll be uploading more videos of my trades that I'm gonna make using strategies and chart patterns I've learned studying Tim..

jo jo says:

you are absolutely right I wanted to make a video like this in 2013. I subscribed to alerts for 3 months and i did not get single stock alert. All scammers out there has a no money back policy.

Andres Tomas says:


Diego F says:

I have to agree his site and marketing is extremely scam like, but I've been following him and his top students and their strategies are real and they do work, it does take hundreds of hours of studying to get them right, which most people aren't willing to do, which is why most people fail. So he's not "taking advantage of people" he sells strategies and if people are committed everyday they'll make it. Also he'd be in jail if he was actually a pumper.

yournewfarther says:

Just found out he's Jewish. Defiantly a red signal.

Dolla' Dave says:

And then he shorts the same stock when he knows his students will be selling. Big scam

Big L says:

'He's slimy' Every jew is

san diego says:

Hey i emailed you a couple weeks ago and you havent got back to me yet.

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