Timothy Sykes Girlfriend

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http://www.timothysykesscam.net – Timothy Sykes Girlfriend


Tim Jones says:

Hey Tim, how about enlightening us all on the percentage of your students that are actually profitable??? How many of them are actually consistent???

Istvan Homoki says:

I'm sure she picekd Tim for his personality. Not for his money.

Justin Perry says:

good shit

Smart Investor says:

He is a conman. be aware people. don't fall for TIM. He is a sales guy, and powerful speaker. not a trader. He sucks at training and teaching. if you are beginner, he is not the guy you definitely should follow.

Spliff The Reepa says:

get both n race em

Brad Harrison Harrison says:

Get both. That way if your wearing black you drive the white or viceversa.

Michael McGovern says:

Get the Carrera ==good luck

Tony Lugo says:

I bet you believe she's not with you for the money. ?

natronb says:

if somethings expensive, you can't afford it. 

jayzee says:

Timothy sykes is a known scam con artist he copys supermans trades he makes his money through subscriptions from his site go check timothy sykes scam trader 

Esteban Rodriguez says:

Teach me how to invest.

TorontoLibertarian says:

Has that girl even graduated high school?
You animal.

Sara Esquivel says:

Who gives a shit what car your little gold digger gf chooses… Some of us have real life decisions to make.

seleka mboyi says:

get the black one tim

aleterra says:

Playing provider game :)

Adam Vorajee says:

All about the GTS… hope to be getting one soon! work my ass off to get it!

Paul Vang says:

Get the white one Tim.  It's pocket change for you.

Um Hu says:

get the left and get me the right, no hard feelings.

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