Timothy Sykes Interview 20/20

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An interview with pennystocking guru Timothy Sykes on ABC’s 20/20.


Leggo My Ego says:

He said he wouldn't take part because his fund blew up on a bad trade and was underperforming even before the blow up. Exactly the kind of guy you want to pay for advice on managing your own money (rolling eyes).

Igor Ilic says:

It is possible, I usually pull in 400-500% gains. It's all about the right system. This one will turn things around. Watch this video >> bit.ly/NsYahY?=cooczg

Rasa Barkauskiene says:

Its not that hard, I'm at about 490% and climbing. Find a better trading technique. I use the 123 system for my bread and butter. Check out the video > bit.ly/KOebNL?=xtvrcx

retrom says:

@Shockerswr you can make money from stocks going down

atrickpay11 says:

@AIMANALI he still trades man…he said that he wouldn't take part in Wall Street. Ie. run another hedge fund.

Shockerswr says:

tim is not in stocks because they are failing but he will teach you how to profit in them when he cant? huh? that shit doesnt make sense

zibtihaj says:

So he made money when the market went CRAZY up and now he is NOT making money from the market cause he is not in it. Someone tell me why would anyone listen to him as far as financial advise.

Chester Doraemon says:

lol tim put on mad weight… tim use some of your riches and hire a personal trainer!!!

Stephen Catera says:

Easy money? What's so easy about it?

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