Timothy Sykes Is an Asshole!

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Timothy Sykes, Wall Street Warrior and author of “An American Hedge Fund”, took 12 grand and turned it into $2 million by age 22 and then lost $700,000 in his hedge fund. Ouch. Despite the fall from grace Tim acts like he’s on top of the world.


anursewhocares says:

Hes the most honest trader getting how things really are and trying to help others at the same time…..This grandmas loves you Timothy…..from Virginia….you rock!!!

jnrmedia says:

I really can't express how much i hate this guy

Brett Robbins says:

Love me some Sykes. Hilarious dude.

Lloyd B says:

that's funny, entertainment+
Sticking it to the establishment…

ddupont1987 says:

You dont have to like him as long as he can show me how to make more money is all you should care about he is not trying to be a role model

TheHaratashi says:

Wow this guy is immature. I don't think I will be giving him 2 grand anytime soon.

Michael Moreland says:

MR. Sykes has been successful there is no doubt as have others of these new "internet gurus". However, their approach is to throw everything at the wall, lots and lots of fast trades moving large amounts of money and so eventually they make money. However, the average person this does not work for, nor are they sound strategies. As far as his ego..well, he is out of control. I quit his letter because you are judged by the company you keep and I loathe people like him.

Leggo My Ego says:

Tim went from horribly under performing the market with his hedge fund, to running his own variation of a pump and dump. He gets "students" to pay him fees so that he can front run his "students" into and out of trades. He's no different these days than any other pump and dump.

prasanthcq says:

I have been subscriber to his newsletter. he is an idiot and a publicity freak No respect what so ever in the chat rooms for new people.He texts his trades so late I feel once he is comfortable with the pattern, he says I bought it shorted this trades at so and so price.People like him should be punished under the law severely for looting public money in the form of news letters.Again this is just my opinion.

Tim Reiss says:

This is fucking AWESOME

Michael Moreland says:

He actually talks about how he lost money in his videos and I don't care what his personality is like. Question is, is he making money? Did he get over his loss, which we all have, move on, and keep going? That what is important, not your personal opinion!

corey w says:

When I make it we need to hang out bro

fizzmaverick says:

this is guy is legit and is the shit……

raykirmann says:

hah! hes no trader, just selling punch of crap to people, like americans like to do these days.. sell air.

MikeZar says:

jesus christ, you need to read about the guy

Dex Lester says:

Hey, F-Face
Are you afraid to actually perform again?

macfreak21 says:

Sykes doesn't manage people's money anymore so how can you call him a con artist??? He makes millions from his dvd's and blog, more than from trading stocks these days. A few people I know have made a good money using his pennystocking system. It's not gambling, most of America just doesn't believe in betting against the market which is what he does. Thats perfectly fair and legal and in this economy, short selling is the only way to really make money in the market.

affiliate30 says:

don't be naive, this guy is telling you himself that timothy has lawyer: who unsuccessful fool has lawyers? it is clear to me that timothy would not be putting himself out there if his method was not for real

Addict3d2Bass says:

What a douchebag

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