Timothy Sykes – Lesson 1: My Million Dollar Gift to You

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Unlike other niches and due to a lack of liquidity and sometimes volatility, there are NOT great trades every day. It’s it CRUCIAL to learn to recognize these setups and then to wait for ideal setups before using your precious trading capital.


Ser Bronn of the Blackwater says:

Stocks? Pays more than a sellsword eh?

Dubsteppin2DnB says:

Loool NONE of them pictures are the same person, scam

JChannelNET says:

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Sheena Arellano says:

Can I be your student? Please. I'm from Philippines. I am desperate to learn more about stock trading.

Hesam Gigi says:

How can i become an student


Tim pls come over to India. Wud luv to see u here.I
India is happening now and wud like to share your thoughts .
Travelling wud be amazing

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