Timothy Sykes – Lesson 4: I Care About One Thing

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NEVER trust any penny stock press release or penny stock CEO or penny stock newsletter. The entire niche is corrupt excluding yours truly and no matter how nice somebody is in person, if they are into penny stocks, there is a 99.99% likelihood that they are shady, unethical, incompetent or some mix of all of the above.


Wen Lin says:

I have been with interactive brokers but I left them because they didn't give me the permission to short. My account balance was too low. They said I needed like 20k to have a margin account. 

Craig Capozziello says:

From the videos it looks like these guys are putting in the trade $10,000 to $15,000 that's alot of risk for one trade. What do they have $200,000 accounts?

lalulimusic says:

We need this on spanish!

Alan Siegel says:

Hey man, this stuff is interesting! What trading platform do you use? Also, what program tracks your gains like that? Thanks!

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