Timothy Sykes – Lesson 5: Stop Guessing, No Hunches

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I will not trade stocks under 10 cents/share because the risk/reward simply is not worth it. Sure, sure, these low priced stocks can increase a large percent in a short period of time, but in 11 years of penny stock trading experience, I have not seen the predictability/reliability of any patterns to make buying or shorting these stocks worthwhile for me.


Ben Wright says:

what trading site offers penny stocks to trade, because trading sites like 'trading 212', 'plus 500' don't trade penny stocks, looking to hear from you, thanks.

Alex Smith says:

have watched the first 5 lessons and have not heard one thing about how to locate a possible good stock to invest in for short term gains. Stop talking abut your success and why it works, and tell us the rules/tips…

Torgeir Horne says:

my father made 1 million in 1999 because of cisco.

jayzee says:

+Timothy Sykes there some dudes on twitter sating your a pure fraud that you make no money from trading but you make it from selling false fake dreams to poor people wanting to be rich from ther $250 usd per month subscriptions

Sam Lee says:

You are my true mentor ♥♥♥

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